Shomin no Aji – Chapter 136

Let's try it at once.


『By the way Lord, what is that block of wood Byakko brought?』

Kurogane asked while lightly poking the shaving container.

「Good question! This you see, is called katsuobushi, a processed food product from a sea fish called Katsuo」

When I knocked on the katsuobushi, katsu~n! resounded, a nice sound. Umu, wonderful.

『… That isn’t wood?』
『Umu. I have never seen a fish like that, you know?』
『This a fish? Don’t say something so ridiculous』

It seems that everyone thinks that this is not a fish.

「It looks like this so it won’t resemble a fish, but it’s a processed fish that originally swam in the sea」

Don’t knock it till you tried it. Why don’t I show them? Rather, I want to shave it right away!

Err… first, wipe off the surface… right. The blade has to be adjusted too. Wooden mallet… ah, it’s inside the box. How kind.
Umm, taptaptap… ah, it sunk too much. Taptap… i, it’s unexpectedly difficult, isn’t it? This small wooden mallet is still too heavy for a child’s hands… n~… something like this? Yeah. Anyhow, let’s try shaving with this~!

『… What is Lord doing?』
『… Dunno』
『Hey! What are you doing after neglecting us!』
「Now, now… wait a moment, okay? I will start the shaving now」

Now then! Let’s shave it!
Err… the head of the fish towards your body is the correct way, right? The angle… something like this. Here I go!


… Tehe. Failure, failure.

I only have the experience of helping Obaachan when I was staying over after all. Yeah, carefully, carefully…

Shu, shu… oh, it’s going well?
Shu, shu, shu…

『Hey, Cristea~?』

Ha! I was shaving absentmindedly…

「Sorry, sorry. Now then, how did it go…?」

When I opened the box to look, it was packed with flaked bonito I was used to seeing in my past life.


The long-awaited katsuobushi. Let’s try it as it is first.

『Lord!? What are you doing by eating wood chips!!?』
『Cristea! Eating wood, is not good!』
『… You, what are you eating…』

Kurogane and others are saying something, but I have no time to care about that.

Fuaa… it’s katsuobushi. Unmistakably, it’s katsuobsuhi…! If I put this into dashi, it will have even deeper flavor.
Moreover Okaka onigiri, Ohitashi… of course, I will sprinkle it over the dishes after making dashi as not to waste it.

『Cristea? Wood shavings are yummy?』
『… Was there a method of eating wood like that…?』
『Ueh. To say that wood chips taste good, something is wrong with you』


「Didn’t I tell you that this is not wood but a fish? Here, try eating it?」

I pinched a bit and held it out in my palm.

『Of course I won’t try i… n? What is this smell?』

Sniff, sniff, Kaguya confirmed the scent.

『It’s not the scent of wood… lemme try』

Nibble. Chew, chew…


Ham. Chew, chew, chew…

『W, what is this? It’s not wood?』
「I TOLD YOU, it’s as fish」
『I never ate my beloved fish in this way! … Give me more』

She cleaned up the katsuobushi in my palm completely.

That Kaguya~ she should just say that it’s delicious if she likes it.

『You’ve had enough. Lord, let me eat it as well』

Flinging Kaguya away, Kurogane moved in her place.

「Yes, yes」

I tried feeding him a somewhat larger portion.

『… N? … Hou? They really aren’t wood chips. However, it tastes a little bit different from a fish…?』

Well, it’s raw, fermented food after all. It’s a condensation of deliciousness.

『Cirstea, me too, will eat!』

Shove! Mashiro pushed Kurogane away.

「Yes, here you go?」
『… N~ it’s sticking to my mouth~… but, it is? Yummy?』

Ah~… that happens. It gets stuck to the mouth, doesn’t it?

『… Hey, I would like to taste it a little bit more, but』

Kaguya who slipped through poked me at the side.

「Hmm, you will eat it all just by tasting it, so we will end here. I will use it to cook a dish tomorrow, so look forward to that, okay?」

Shock! Giving a sidelong glance to Kaguya who received a shock, I stored everything in my inventory.
A lamp to avoid moisture was used in my past life, but I don’t have anything like that… it will be fine when stored in the inventory, but as for inside the mansion… will it be all right if I wrap it in an oiled paper or something?

Well then, I’m looking forward to tomorrow~!


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