Shomin no Aji – Chapter 139

I have been requested.


「I’m thinking of returning to the capital soon」

While enjoying the after lunch dessert, Prince Ray suddenly announced.

「My… is that so? That’s quite a sudden talk, isn’t it?」

I thought he would stay here for the entire vacation…
But, even though he came to stay at our house in the name of inspection, he only spent some time in the town, went for a long ride and relaxed in our home, didn’t he…? Is that alright?

… Oh well. He might have been also doing something else that I’m not aware of… or he might not… probably not.

A, anyhow, with this, Mashiro and others will be able to leave my room, right?
They are currently holed up in my room because I didn’t want Prince Ray to know about them, so I’m feeling sorry for them.

I told them that they are free to warp outside as often as they please, but it seems they are avoiding going out too much in order not to separate too far away from me.

「Actually, a message arrived from the Queen. Return to the palace at once! It said」

Whhile deep in my thoughts, Oniisama answered with a wry smile.

Well… going to your friend’s place immediately after the summer holiday started, the parents would definitely be worried. Moreover, he’s the crown prince. There’s a problem with him staying at his retainer’s place for long.

「Queen is a fan of Cristea’s innovative sweets recipes. It’s unfair only for Prince Ray to eat all the delicious things! She seems to be angry about that, you see?」

Oniisama answered while chuckling.

… Queen-sama? Eh? For Queen-sama to be a fan of my sweets, what kind of joke is this!?

「Oy, Norman. I can hear you」

Prince Ray had a dispirited expression on his face.

「Ahem… well, that being the case, in order to put Mother in good mood, I would like to bring her Miss Cristea’s sweets as a souvenir… may I ask you to make something for her?」

Yes? Me? Sweets for Queen-sama??
… I quite don’t understand what you are saying.

「Please! If I return to the palace empty-handed, Mother will surely keep on nagging me forever!」

I beg you! Of course, I’m unable to say no to Prince Ray who lowered his head to me.
There’s still the matter of umeboshi, so I will undertake his request.

I wouldn’t want to make an enemy of the royalty because of not making sweets after all.

However… how did it turn out like this?


From what I heard, Prince Ray will be returning to the capital tomorrow afternoon.

「… That means, I already don’t have the time」

Muuu… since there’s an opportunity, she would be surely more delighted by a new product rather than already existing recipes…

Nobles are susceptible to a craze, always searching for the fresh topic to talk about. All the more when it comes to the royalty.

Hmm… something that I haven’t made before, sweets that even the royalty could boast of being the first ever to taste it…? … I wonder what that could be?


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