Shomin no Aji – Chapter 140

Let's make the souvenir sweets.

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New sweets for Queen-sama… as the result of worrying about what to make, I came to a conclusion to not make anything fancy.

Something appropriately extravagant for the royalty, I had such thoughts at first, but I don’t have the skills to make something like that, don’t I!

Besides, the recipes that Queen-sama ate were simple sweets such as pudding and French toast.
That being the case, I might as well go simple and aim to create sweets that would make Queen-sama happy, I came to a such conclusion.

Sweets that are popular with women which I could make with the ingredients I have at hand.

First of all, since it’s a hot season, something that looks refreshingly florid, made with agar and plenty of fruits… is what I have been considering, but if the nobility came to like such sweets then the supplies of agar might completely disappear from the Doristan Kingdom, so I rejected that idea.
… Rather, it was me who bought it out, wasn’t it?

Using agar with the current supply wouldn’t be good, right… that being the case, I decided against making it until there’s a stable supply of agar. I mean, I would be dooming myself if I couldn’t eat it anymore.
I want to be faithful to my greed.

For that reason, I have to come up with a simple dessert made from easily obtainable ingredients.

「… It’s still hot now, but how about sweets targeting the fall season?」

Since I have decided, I have to get to work right away.


「I’m glad they just finished ripening…」

While saying such, I was scooping out the vivid orange insides from the deep green shell. Right, it’s a pumpkin.

Pumpkins are summer vegetables, but they will be watery and not tasty if not harvested after they ripen.

What I harvested before are ready to be eaten soon, so I decided to use that.

It would be too hard and uncuttable as it is, so I steamed it whole first. I removed the shell and seeds, and mushed it through a strainer.
I coordinated the pumpkin flavor with sugar and honey, and I could add a bit of fresh cream for the smoothness.

I wrapped it in a clean (cleaned with Clear magic just in case) cloth, and squeezed it out.

And with this, the pumpkin Chakin-Shibori is completed.

… I, isn’t this too simple?
But, the simple sweetness is delicious, so she will like it, I think. But, it looks too plain… ah, right.

I place the finished Chakin-Shibori into my hand, and smoothly trace it with a spatula to cut it to my liking, adjusting its shape. I cut a little bit of the pumpkin shell and place in on top.

I made the plain on sight sweets into cute, mini pumpkins. Un, it looks slightly cuter this way, is it easy on the eyes?
… But, as I thought, this much isn’t enough, is it… hmm…

The troubled I then baked the pumpkin like sweet potatoes, made it into a pumpkin pudding, and completed all sorts of pumpkin sweets.

… To be honest, I overdid it.
Let’s restrain from using pumpkin for a while, yeah.

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