Shomin no Aji – Chapter 143

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Just when I was trying to keep it secret from Otousama, the contract with Kaguya got exposed… currently, I’m in the middle of being lectured.

「Seriously, even though you were talking about not making the contract that much…」
「I’m truly sorry…」
「You understand the fearfulness of making a contract with a magic beast, don’t you?」
「I was thoughtless. I’m very sorry」

Again and again… I was in an infinite loop since a while ago.
Uu, it’s really painful that Oniisama who could summarize the lecture isn’t here anymore… my legs already went numb from sitting in seiza, I can’t feel them anymore…

「… Are you listening?」

I must avoid the pattern of starting from the beginning!

「… Oh well. You have known about the contract, so let’s leave it at that」


「By the way, about the important matter I have come for…」
「It was about the contract with this magic beast」
「I told you, right? That the conditions you had are no different from a contract」
「Yes, indeed. You did say something like that」

That’s why I thought I might as well go on with the contract.

「That’s why I came to propose that you officially form the contract, but…」

Eh? Then, what were you angry at me for all this time…? What did I get yelled for?
I couldn’t help but glare at Otousama.

「… However, it looks like you were foolish enough to go on with it before I could even propose the idea」

Ah, yes. I’m truly sorry.

「Oh well, you have already formed the contract after all… I wanted to consult with you before you the contract」

Am I that unreliable… I couldn’t look into Otousama’s eyes as he muttered such to himself.

Uu, that’s right, isn’t it?
I wanted to consult, but I thought it would be troublesome if he opposed, so I went on with the contract on my own…
Even if Mashiro and Kurogane were with me, if something were to happen, I might have not been able to do anything by myself…

「… I’m really, really sorry…」

While dispirited, I apologized to Otousama again.

「It’s fine as long as you understand. Make sure that this doesn’t repeat. You have to understand that forming a contract with a magic beast is dangerous in itself」
「I won’t say that your judgement on this matter was wrong, but if I could give a few words of consultation, I might have guided you to a better answer」
「Yes. Thank you very much」
「I plan to consult with Teacher Marlen about this chain of contracts, so act with that in mind」
「… Y, yes…」

Yuck, Teacher Marlen’s lo~ng lecture is waiting for me, huh… can’t be helped, I will have to prepare myself. It’s the truth that I wanted to consult with him before entering the academy anyway.

「With the this matter settled, Cristea?」
「May I take that black cat with me?」
「Well, that, what… I want to confirm the state of the magic tool collar」

Ahem, Otousama explained while not looking at me… suspicious.

「Otousama, surely not…?」
「Ah, no, I don’t intend to bring it any harm, alright!? I just want to confirm its condition after the magic tool parted it with its magical power. Yeah.」
「… Is that so? Well then, may I ask you to brush it and feed it snacks while you are at it?」
「! U, umu, got it. Why don’t I take care of it for you?」
「… That being the case, Kaguya. Be obedient, okay? You will get snacks too」
『Hey! Are you intending to sell me out!?』
『I believe it would be good for the future to be in good graces with Otousama. Do your best, okay?』

A replied to the flustered Kaguya via telepathy.

「Well then, Otousama. I will place her in your care」

Otousama embraced Kaguya without being able to conceal his happy expression and left the room.

「Ginyaa-! (You traitor~!!)」

Kaguya’s shouting voice resounded from afar… it will be fine, Otousama is actually a candidate for our mofumofu association. Work hard, Kaguya!


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