Shomin no Aji – Chapter 144

Long time no see, Teacher Marlen.


「… I see. Something this interes… difficult happened while I wasn’t here」

… Teacher Marlen, right now, you were going to say interesting, weren’t you!?

「… Yes, well…」
「So, where your sacred beasts might be?」
「Ah, umm… Mashiro and Kurogane went to patrol the forest…」
「What, how boring」

Teacher Marlen, you are quite disappointed by this, but nothing interesting would happen even if they were here, you know??
Besides the mofumofu!

「Hmmm. Then, where is the magic beast?」
「If it’s Kaguya then… ah, she on top of that tree」

When I looked at the nearby tree, Kaguya was dozing off there.


When I called, she glanced at me and came over as if it was bothersome.

『… What is it? Even though I was finally about to have a nice nap』

Kuwaa, she came over while yawning.
Even though she’s saying something like that, I know that she was asked by Mashiro and Kurogane to keep vigilant of the surroundings.

「What? Is this little one a magic beast?」

Teacher Marlen opened his small eyes in surprise.
Well, she’s an ordinary black cat at the moment.

『… Hey, what is this? This rude grandpa?』
「Now, now. Teacher Marlen, this child is Kaguya」

I picked her in my arms and showed her to Teacher Marlen.

「Fumu. The magic tool is working properly」

Teacher Marlen fixedly observed the collar.

「You can understand that just from looking?」
「I wonder? I’m not sure about others, but this one was made by me」
「Eh? Is that so!?」
「Umu. I made it on Duke’s request when Miss Cristea was born. By the time I finished the prototype, your magical power became stable, so we decided to wait and see」

So it was unexpectedly like this…

「However, it we couldn’t tell if or when your magical power would go out of control again and as I was frequently visiting to check on your condition, it reached the point where I took on the responsibility to guide Norman-dono and Miss Cristea」

Heee… so there was a story like that.

「Although I was a bit too enthusiastic as I made two students I could teach after a long time」

… Hee~… no wonder… I think you taught children like us way too much… well, I’m grateful though.

「So it was like that. I have caused you worry since I was born, huh…」
「No, no, you didn’t cause me to worry. Rather, I had fun. The one who was worried about you since you were born was Duke. I believe they are talking about him when people speak about doting parents」

Teacher Marlen chuckled.
… Otousama is a hardcore doting parent, huh…

「That being the case, this was made by me, but I planned for it to be a bangle, but it got skillfully turned into a colllar」

Ah… it had an automatic adjustment function enchantment, so it fits around Kaguya’s neck just right.

In truth, a certain mischievous monkey wanted to attach it to the head like a certain high priest, but it would then slip off and get stuck around the neck. I probably thought that a collar would be nice as well… so, I believe that’s the reason it turned out like that.

「Still, you were merciless with the conditions, weren’t you… tying her down like this must have taken a considerable amount of magical power, but… it wasn’t anything difficult for Miss Cristea, huh」

I indeed felt a bit tired, but I see… it was because I used a lot of magical power. I understand now.

「There are no problems from what I can see. Well, you should love her to your heart’s contents」

Teacher Marlen gave a stamp of his approval while tickling Kaguya’s throat. I’m glad.


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