Shomin no Aji – Chapter 145

Consultation with Teacher Marlen.


I’m relieved because I received heads-up from Teacher Marlen who made the magic tool that Kaguya is wearing.

「Are the Sacred Beasts not coming yet?」

… Teacher Marlen, you want to meet Mashiro and Kurogane that much??
I wonder if it would be better to call them back via telepathy…

『Mashrio, Kurogane? Are you still patrolling?』
『Lord? What’s the matter?』
『Err you see, the teacher of my magic studies wants to meet you two, so…』
『Would it be a good idea to meet?』
『Hmm… I wanted to consult with him what to do about you guys before I enter the academy… would it be fine to decide without you two?』
『… We will return immediately』

Kurogane warped back together with Mashiro.

「Ohh..:! I heard about this, but it really is a Fenrir and Holy Bear!」

Teacher Marlen looked at the two with sparkling eyes.
Somehow, his breathing became rough, but??
… I’m worried that he might collapse from excitement…

「When I was young I also admired contracted beasts so I went for a search of Sacred Beasts… I have encountered Fenrir-dono once before, but I wonder if that was you?」

Eh? Teacher Marlen also challenged (tried) contracting a Sacred Beast?

『I wonder about that』

Kurogane said disinterestedly. Well, of course… he, who lived for so long wouldn’t remember every single human he encountered. But, that attitude isn’t good, you know?

「This is a little Holy Bear, huh. Still so young but already overflowing with power」

Houhou. Is that so?

「Best regards」

Ohh, Mashiro is a good child who could greet properly!

「Now then, I believe contracting Sacred Beast with this degree of magical power should be normally reported to the country, but…」

I wouldn’t like that. Wouldn’t that be the development where the coutnry wouldn’t leave us alone??

「Duke requested that we keep it secret until you enter the academy, you see」
「Otousama did?」
「We are talking aobut Miss Cristea here, so he was convinced that you would leave the country together with the Sacred Beasts were you summoned to the capital. The reason why hide it only until the enrollement, that’s because you won’t be able to hide it no matter how much you try once you enter the academy」

Umu, Otousama, how sharp.
I have imagined escaping from the country and registering as an adventurer under an alias before…

「Later on, when I enter the academy and the existence of my contracts get exposed, what should I do?」
「Fumu, the academy protects its students’ freedom, so we will have to come up with a plan until the graduation」

That means, if I enroll into the academy, they won’t go after me immediately?
But well, there’s His Highness in the academy too… at the very least, the incident will be made known to the royalty right at that time.

『… That somehow sounds troublesome. Should I solve it for you?』
『Cristea, whom do I have to beat up?』

No, that’s the one thing you absolutely shouldn’t do.

「Miss Cristea’s contracted beasts are all quite hot-blooded, aren’t they?」

Teacher Marlen chuckled to himself.
… No, this is not a laughing matter, alright!?


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