Shomin no Aji – Chapter 146

Let's think about it seriously.


「Jokes aside, let’s come up with a method of preventing everyone else know your existences…」
『Lord, I wasn’t joking though?』

All the more then.

『Cristea, you want to, keep us a secret?』
「That’s not it…」

Rather, I want to “My children are so adorabz! Look, look at them!” show off like a doting parent. It’s just I don’t want my cute children to be used by the country or other people.

『Is fine, if Cristea wishes, I will become a social outcast…』
「Hey, Mashiro?? Where did you learn such words!?」

Mashiro occasionally lets out surprising remarks, doesn’t he!?

「Now, now, Mashiro-dono. It’s not like Miss Cristea wants to keep you hidden because she likes. Miss Cristea fears that you and Kurogane-dono will be used by others. She wants to keep you hidden in order to protect the two of you, that’s the thinking behind it」
『To protect us…?』
『Lord, you want to protect us…?』

Yes! Indeed!
Besides, being employed by the country as a court magician or something sounds troublesome in various ways. I’m satisfied with getting healed in mofumofu paradise and eating delicious things.

Although I say that, because of my standing as the Duke’s daughter, I understand that I have a duty to fullfil for the sake of Ellisfeed House’s development.
But, that doesn’t mean I have to become the fianceé of His Highness the Crown Prince, right? There are other ways to contribute to the development of the country…

In the future, even if I don’t become a bride, I will be earning some small change from the rights of my recipes, so I won’t be living at the streets, see? Moreover, I have the choice of registering as an adventurer too.

Adventurer!? Living as a commoner?? There’s no way a Duke’s daughter could live like that! Everyone might think so. However, they are not aware that I have reincarnated to this world of fantasy. I’m always questioning whether the position of a Duke’s daughter is not too dangerous.

In a world of light novels, the duke’s daughter would be engaged to a prince or an eldest son of a high standing nobility, then there would be an after graduation dance party or something in an assembly hall, she would then be blamed for mistreating a baron’s daughter, would have engagement dissolved, and exiled in the end! … Doesn’t such development happen way too often??

What would I do if I found myself in such position? The moment I thought about it, I came to an answer. Don’t I just have to avoid getting engaged?

But, even if I avoid the engagement as much as possible, with the standing of a Duke’s daughter, there will be a time where I can’t avoid it. In the first place, I won’t be able to decide my engagement by myself.

Luckily, Otousama and Oniisama are saying that it’s still too early for my engagement, so I’m able to avoid it for now.

But, if… just if, you know? If by any chance my engagement has been decided, then? When I think about that, I should be prepared for the future (decapitation event)!

Fortunately, I made powerful guards in the Sacred Beasts and I will be able to escape freely with warp magic, so I will be able to avoid death penalty… I think. In the case of being exiled out of the country, it would be just like leaving the country.

If it turns out like that, then the only thing I have left to worry about is how will I make living after escaping.
I came up with the means of registering in the Adventurer’s Guild and Merchant’s Guild for that reason.

… Huh? Wait a moment?
With this many preparations, is there a need to keep Mashiro and others secret…?


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