Shomin no Aji – Chapter 147

Let's think about it more.


Thinking about it carefully, this world is not necessarily a world of a light novel or an otome game. Moreover, I already have measures for the decapitating event too.
So thinking about it, I can ease my mind a little more.

「Is there really a need to keep everyone secret, I wonder…」

When I mumbled such, Teacher Marlen Oh? raised one of his eyebrows.

「You have heard from Duke-sama and others what would happen if their existences become known, right?」
「Yes, well, indirectly…」
「And yet, you are saying that it’s fine?」
「… If it becomes known, Miss Cristea will inevitably become a candidate for Crown Prince’s fiancée, you know?」
「That’s the point. If I could convey that I have no hostility towards the country… I was wondering if they would leave me alone…」
「Avoiding that would be difficult」
「… Is that so?」

Haa… I sighed.

For me to become Prince Ray’s fiancée candidate, what kind of joke is that…

Even though I just want to get healed by the mofumofu paradise and eat delicious things… and having a small amount of income with that would be enough for me.

Not being able to grant this small wish of mine… being a noble is inconvenient.

Since it’s like that, let’s make sure to keep a distance from Prince Ray once I enter the academy. After that, I will have to back up a young lady who dreams of becoming the Crown Princess.
On this occasion, be it the baron’s daughter or whomever, if she’s a person Prince Ray doesn’t dislike and is of an appropriate standing, I should just beg Otousama to adopt her into the family and push her to become Prince Ray’s bride! Yeah! That will work!

『… Cristea is making an evil expression』

Eh!? Was I really making such evil expression!?
I unconsciously touched my face.

『Han, you were probably thinking about pushing a different woman onto the Crown Prince, right?』

Ugh! Bullseye.

『If Lord moved and decided on the Crown Prince’s fiancée, do you think other people would stay still?』

Ah… I did not think about that…!

「Uu… I want to do something bad and get exiled overseas」
『『『「How did it turn out like that!?」』』』
「… I don’t understand why Miss Cristea dislikes that thought this much. After all is said and done, we are talking about the Crown Prince’s fiancée… someone who will eventually become the Queen, you know?」
「That’s what I dislike. First of all, becoming the Crown Prince’s fiancée means that I will have to undergo the Queen training, right?」
「Well, yes」
「Then, besides studying and tea parties, I will have no freedom whatsoever」
「Fumu. That might be so」
「If it turns out like that, I won’t be able to create new recipes. Much less going to the town to shop for ingredients, I won’t be able to move freely at all. I don’t think they would allow me to cook in the royal palace」
「That would be difficult as the Crown Prince’s fianceé」
「Right!? Besides, Mashiro’s and others’ brushing and massaging time… my healing time will completely disappear!」
『『That would be a big problem』』
「Leaving the healing time aside, it would certainly be difficult. However, that is the duty of the Queen, someone who will eventually rule over the entire country」
「… I understand that. But, that doesn’t have to me, does it…」
「Miss Cristea…」

Teacher Marlen didn’t know what to say to Cristea.

「… I just want to live in peace, like a normal girl」
『『『「That’s impossible」』』』

That can’t be!?

「… W, well anyhow. It won’t be reported until you enter the academy, so be at ease. Duke will surely think of something during your enrollment, make sure not to be reckless, alright?」
「… Yesss」

Teacher Marlen smiled wryly at Cristea who seemed to be not convinced.


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