Shomin no Aji – Chapter 148

I complained.


「… that being the case, I’m thinking about what to do」

Within the beautiful garden of the Duke’s mansion, Cristea was complaining.
Of course, the place was cleared out of people with a light barrier erected around, so the garden is not easily approachable. It was matched with a soundproof magic, so they don’t have to worry about people listening in on their conversation.

Miria who is usually by Cristea’s side has been asked to take care of Kaguya. She promised to reward Kaguya with chicken tenderloin later, when she accomplished her mission.

「… Miss Cristea has it difficult too, huh」

Come to think of it, you indeed are a Duke’s daughter, Sei recalled again, but he didn’t know much about Doristan’s internal affairs, so he couldn’t say much else.

「So difficult I intend to flee the country to become an adventurer」
「… I don’t know how have you arrived at such conclusion, but do you dislike being the Crown Princess that much? … Is the Crown Prince such unlikable guy?」

Sei frowned.
Ah, th impact of O-Sei-chan’s beautiful angry face is, is, is… calm down, calm down.

「Erm… I don’t think Prince Ray is a bad person… he’s a biiit nasty tongued though…」

Also, simple-minded and incompetent, I think.
His sense of justice is apparently strong though…
He gives off the feeling of ‘I will work hard in order to become a King in the future’?

「… Were you told something bad?」
「Eh? … Umm, well」

Huh? His mood has gotten worse…

「Though it seems to be just a rumor, I heard from Prince Ray that people call me “repulsive food eating lady”…」
「Haa!? The hell is that!?」
「Sei, your speech got all disordered, you know?」
「… This country’s Crown Prince is good-for-nothing, huh」

Sei’s voice wasn’t rough anymore when I pointed it out, but his mood didn’t get any better.

「Hmm, there are apparently rumors around the academy connected to the recipes I made available to the public and my eating habits. It appears he heard that nickname there」
「Eating habits?」
「Are you aware that rice is used as fodder for domestic animals in this country?」
「Yeah… the company’s president did say something like that…」

How wasteful, Sei muttered to himself. I understand your feelings.

「I knew about the existence of rice and I really wanted to eat it, so when I found it by the side of our stables, I took some rice with me and polished it」
「… Ha?」
「It seems that rice is getting popular nowadays because it’s very cheap, but… it seems I got nicknamed a repulsive food eating lady because I ate the animals’ fodder first」
「… That is, what do I say, well」

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard about the “repulsive food eating lady” for the first time, but when I thought about it calmly, I thought that it couldn’t be helped that I was called such. Those who don’t know the true value of rice would only think that eating it is an abnormal behavior.

「… I thought so before as well, but Miss Cristea really knows a lot about Yahatul’s cuisine, don’t you?」


「Y, you think so? It’s just by a chance, but the father of one of our chefs was an adventurer from Yahatul, so…」
「Ah, I see」

Well, it’s true, I just didn’t learn from him though…

Un, I didn’t lie.
… I haven’t told the truth either though.


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