Shomin no Aji – Chapter 15

Let's balance it well.


After successfully persuading both of my parents in some way or other, it finally reached the point where it was introduced to the Ellisfeed House’s dining table. Fufufu.

It’s delicious, moreover cheap in price, it even reached the point where a considerable amount of servants started eating it.
Young people, in particular, started eating it willingly for the reason that it’s filling. It didn’t suit the tastes of the elderly servants that much, but they started eating it after I made rice porridge and risotto for servants who weren’t feeling well.
I’m glad that everyone is eating rice deliciously.

While searching for the rice companions, I challenged myself for TKG… right, the captivating Tamago kake gohan… however, when I was on the verge of eating「You will get an upset stomach so please don’t eat raw eggs!」I was entreated by everyone, so I reluctantly gave up this time.
Well, I must admit. This is not Japan so raw eggs would be especially risky for salmonella, won’t they… I also have no soy sauce so I unavoidably used salt instead, so because it can’t be helped I decided to pass on eating raw eggs. For now. It’s not like I gave up. Once I find soy sauce, the dawn will surely…! Until then, let’s think what to do with the eggs. Yeah, Japan’s egg hygiene management was truly incredible, wasn’t it…
I admire the greediness of Japanese food again.
In this world, everyone is frightened by Cristea’s greediness for food though…

Because it would be wasteful throwing it away, I asked Shin to make a golden fried rice out of it.
I’m still a powerless child that can’t shake the frying pan, so I have no choice but to rely on Shin at times like this.
The wok I have requested to be made is being delivered… un, as I thought, I will have Shin use it.
There are no young ladies with burly upper arms… are there? If I’m to use it, I would have no choice but to use body strengthening, huh…

… Why can I only imagine a future in which I’m far apart from the general appearances of a young lady…
How mysterious~? How strange~?


Everyone in the kitchen was tremendously staring at the finished golden fried rice as if they wanted to eat it, so when I asked Want to have a taste…? they suddenly flocked around me. It was very popular.
I could only eat one mouthful…
My meal has disappeared, but because I didn’t have enough, I thought There’s that thing that can be made with eggs so I soaked leftover bread into an egg mix and made that thing.
It’s French toast. Of course, with plenty of honey. This was also popular.
I had only a mouthful again… ugh. Did everyone forgot that I’m a Duke’s daughter…? I don’t feel any signs of restraint, but…?
It’s fine since you ate it so deliciously, but you know…

Actually, it seems that there were talks about decreasing the amount of bread baked every day, so that people could choose between bread and rice. But, it appears that the bread consumption has reached a good balance because of that.
It’s not good to waste food. Un, un.

Shall I try making rusk next time…?
The dishes will expand again if we make breadcrumbs, won’t they! Un, un.

Tonkatsu… I meant, orckatsu… or katsudon… how nice… ah, I’m drooling. Not good, not good.
The bread is also similar to a hard French bread, if there was a choice of fluffy bread from natural yeast then the options will increase too, won’t they…

The items on my to do list are increasing one after another, aren’t they… ehehe.


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