Shomin no Aji – Chapter 150

It's the stuff I promised.


「It’s about the time, so let’s have a lunch」

Saying such, I took out the meals from the inventory I prepared beforehand.

Nikujaga with eggplants, miso soup with various pickles.
As for rice, a cooked white rice and Onigiri, so everyone can choose their favorite. The garnish for Onigiri is Umeboshi, Okaka, and Konbu.

It’s a pity that I don’t have Shirataki for the Nikujaga, but I don’t feel like I could make it as I have only a vague recollection on how to prepare Konnyaku Imo

I would like to put ginkgo in Chawanmushi, but it’s not the season for that yet, I wonder if I could get my hands on it soon… I could not find a ginkgo tree during my strolls either.

The chefs who thought it was a new pudding were startled when they tried Chawanmushi for the first time. Well, you would be surprised when thinking that you are eating a pudding…
Those who weren’t good with sweets praised it very much.

I taught them how to make dashi, so it will look like Chawanmushi will be frequently lined up on the dining table from now on. I’m glad because its their favorite. Mufufu.

「Now, eat up」
「Oh! I was waiting for this!」

Byakko-sama said joyfully as if the damage he received just a little while ago disappeared somewhere… how tough…


… That I’m glad to hear. However, Byakko-sama? Please stop picking Onigiri into your hands one after another, okay? Won’t other people be unable to eat them like this?

「Tora, could you eat more calmly?」

Sei is also eating Nikujaga deliciously, aren’t you? Ah, seconds, is it? Here.

「Ahh… how wonderful. I thought it was the one and only pudding, but to think I would be ambushed… this warmth permeates into the stomach, doesn’t it… aan… a new pleasure…」

…!? Suzaku-sama, since when!?
Ah, my seat has been… oh well.
There’s an occassion, so why don’t the last two come out as well? … Huh, how swift!
I will prepare everyone’s share. I always make somewhat larger amount, so I won’t say that there’s not enough, eat up.

「Cristea, it’s yummy」

The human Mashiro looks just like the one during the shopping. Ah, there’s a rice grain sticking near your mouth, you know?? Eh? Get it off? Okay, okay.
Eh, ah. You ate it…

「Lord, it’s delicious」

Kurogane, thank you. N? Kurogane, a rice grain is sticking on your face as well… eh? Get it off? You are an adult so get it off yourself. You there, don’t get dispirited on me.

A milk Kanten for the dessert.

「W… what!? You are asking the lost me whether pudding or Chawanmushi is superior, are you trying to make me feel even more at loss…! Ahh… but, but this is also a supreme bliss… Cristea-sama, what are you planning to do with me after seducing me this much!?」

… Something’s wrong with you.

Suzaku-sama is the same as usual. But, is the reason she’s suppressing her eroness a little because of Sei’s scolding?

… Eh? What is it Genbu-sama?
… Ahh, Youkan? You’d like it as a souvenir? Yes, here you go, Genbu-sama.
… Haa, you feel that it’s the best to go with tea for you, Seiryou-sama? Is that so? I’m glad.
I also love Youkan, so I will make it again, okay?

The pleasant lunch of six Sacred Beasts and two humans passed this way.

… Hey, isn’t that ratio between Sacred Beasts and humans too strange??

… I digress, but I have completely forgotten to call Kaguya, so I will get plentily scolded later. I took precautions with a plenty of Okaka… Kaguya-san, your cheapness has saved me.


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