Shomin no Aji – Chapter 152

I got a permission.


「Hou, this is quite…」

Otousama grinned widely.

Today’s dinner is mushroom, fall vegetables, and orc meat Tajin Nabe.

I wanted to roast in a foil wrapper too, but there’s nothing like a foil, so I made Tajin Nabe-ish covered pot with earth magic.

Tajin Nabe… I’m glad it was well-received, but it completely disappeared after a few minutes… (distant look)
I just can’t help but wanting to buy the cookware I don’t have…
B, but I’m able to manage somehow by using my memories! Yeah! (escaping from reality)

The sauce is ponzu made from freshly squeezed citrus fruits. It’s refreshing when eaten together with the orc meat’s fat.

Vegetables lose less of their nutrition when steamed rather than boiled, so it’s best to eat plenty!

By the way, the mushrooms used aren’t the aphrodisiac ones. It would be a serious problem if I made a mistake, so they are under a strict control.

I made it with orc meat this time, but a salmon would be nice as well… therefore, when I asked Mashiro and Kurogane whether salmon exist in this world, I was told that a salmon-like fish that travel upstream exist near Mashiro’s place, so Mashiro volunteered himself to go get them… visiting his parents?

Since it travels upstream just like salmon do, the expectations of salted salmon roe in my are raising.
… It was my dream, a heap of Ikura donburi… I want to marinate it in soy sauce, so I could eat it anytime.

Right, right, more marine products… I would like to increase the opportunity of eating seafood, but because of monsters appearing in the seas, the haul isn’t that big. Additionally, it’s difficult to preserve the freshness during the transport, so it’s doesn’t flow on market that much. Moreover, as I thought, people are avoiding eating the raw the portion with difficult to keep freshness.

… Huh? If I recommended eating Sashimi and Ikura, would it be warded off again because it’s raw??
… But, I might be fine with eating it alone. Rather, there’s no problem at all for me to eat it all!

Moreover, if I went to buy it, there wouldn’t be a problem of freshness because of my inventory… should I search the market and buy it?
… No, should I go fishing…?

Looking at my state, Otousama got and some idea and spoke to me.

「… Cristea, what were you supposed to do when wanting to do something?」
「… Ha! Ah, eh, umm… c… consult with… you…?」
「… That’s right, but I’m slightly worried about why it was in the form of a question… so? What are you planning on doing this time?」

Otousama asked with one of his eyebrows twitching.

Err, Otousama? Would you please stop questioning me as if I were to do some mess every time! … You are correct in the most cases though!

「Umm… I thought of going to the sea to catch fish」
「… Did you mean buying it at the beach market?」

Ah… Otousama’s glabella wrinkled…

「… No, I meant going to the sea myself and pulling the fish in」
「… At the very least, don’t go to the sea but buy them from a proper store」

Haa… I was given a permission with a deep sigh.
… Oh? An unexpected calm reply when I thought it would be a complete denial… however, I have no time to hesitate.

「I understand. I will do it that way」

Before being denied entirely, I smiled and changed the subject since I got the permission to go to the market.

All right! Let’s look for a delicious fish on the market this time!


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