Shomin no Aji – Chapter 153

Uncle Galvano, regarding Cristea. Part 1


I’m Galvano Dragura.
A dwarf.
Cristea Jouchan calls me「Galvano Ojisama」. Our social positions are different, so I told her there’s no need for honorifics, but she continues calling me like that without showing signs of stopping.

Being called「Ojisama」is a quite ticklish, but it feels nice.

It all started when Jouchan’s father, Duke Ellisfeed approached me with the request of making a weapon for him during his mischievous times.

That fellow registered as an adventurer while concealing his social position, so I gave him a scolding to not be unreasonable when he started his adventurer make-believe, but he inevitably formed a party in which he was on the shield duty beacuse he didn’t listen to others.

That fellow finally settled down after growing up and getting married… I felt really relieved that time.

It seems he’s doing his best as the Duke now, but he will always be a mischievous brat to me.

It feels like yesterday when he introduced Marlen, the leading person in magic-ology and magic tool creation to me because he was anxious about Cristea Jouchan who was born with too much magical power… Marlen comes to visit even nowadays as he’s my good drinking buddy.

I’m really glad that Jouchan’s magical power somehow stabilized and that she has been brought up quickly and healthily without her magical power running out of control.

I have met Jouchan for the first time when she was already able to stand on her own, but she wasn’t scared of the bearded me, rather, seeing her sitting on top of my lap and giggling while pulling on my beard, This fellow will become a bigshot! is what I thought.

After giving her a shoulder ride for the first time,「Galvyano Ojichama, one moe! Do it one moe~!」she pestered me over and over again. That much was no problem for me.

I will give you ride instead! Duke enviously tried to give Jouchan a shoulder ride, but whether it was because she was feeling too high up, she started crying because she didn’t like it, so that fellow was seriously disheartened that time…
And he looked at me with resentful eyes, but you… that’s the false accusation thingy, isn’t it!

As Jouchan became aware of things, she grew shyer of strangers, so I wasn’t able to talk that much with her… when she speedily hid when she saw me, I felt a tiny bit lonely.

But one day, Jouchan completely changed.

While delivering the weapons of the guards that I was tasked to sharpen, Jouchan suddenly called out to me and asked whether I will be able to make this, this and this. She was placing orders one after another.

Those things were either very interesting or convenient, so they ignited my craftsman soul and I made them in high spirits.

And so, when I told Jouchan that her products are too good not to be registered at the Merchant’s Guild,「I just presented the idea. The one who made it is Galvano Ojisama, so Ojisama can do whatever you please with it」is what she told me.
What to say well, she has no greed…
Ideas, knowledge and techniques, they are all precious assets for us, the craftsmen…

Still, My pride won’t allow that! I opposed, so in the end, we have decided to split it fifty-fifty between me and Jouchan.

Being a noble means that you can generally lie on your back with your legs self-importantly outstretched, but there’s not a speck of that in sight when it comes to the Ellisfeed House’s parents and children, they are all people of character.


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