Shomin no Aji – Chapter 154

Uncle Galvano, regarding Cristea. Part 2


Recently, Jouchan asked me for the production of Kakigoriki? but I wasn’t able to make one out of Jouchan’s explanation, so it became an assigment for the next summer. It seems to shave lumps of ice into something soft, but ice into something soft? How? I asked, but it seemed that she didn’t understand the process of shaving the ice herself. She also wanted to replicate something called Katsuobushi Kezuriki, which was a tool from made from wood that thinly shaved foodstuffs, she said she would want several of the same ones.

That thing was interesting. I heard it’s Yahatul article, but the blade was beautiful and the thin shavings it made were also pretty… I believe that was a hint for the Kakigoriki, ya know? Anyhow, it had a wonderful blade, so I asked for it, but I was rejected.

Instead, Jouchan told me about the Bastea Company. They apparently have weapons called Katana and kitchen knives tempered with beautiful patterns.

I was curious so I immediately went to see. The Katana were considerably thin, amusing-looking swords. Can something like that strike down the enemy? Is what I thought when I saw them, so they let me try them… by gently placing a leaf on top of the blade. I was astonished as it soundlessly split the leaf in half.

Yahatul has master craftsmen as well, huh. I would like to meet them someday and have a long talk.

Other things there were amusing too… rather, they had something yummy, ya know? Sake. I found Yahatul alcohol made from rice called Sake, so I sampled it. Ohh… it was serene as water, but it had an unexplainable rich flavor… I also thought myself a Gentledwarf who knew everything about alcohol, but I still have a way to go.
I bought as much as I could and left.

When I thanked Jouchan since I was able to have good shopping experience,「Eh!? They had Sake in the Bastea Company!?」she snapped quite vigorously… Jouchan, I think it’s still too early for you to drink that Sake?

Recently, an insect has apparently drawn near to such Jouchan… is what the duke came to complain about… in the first place, it’s a wonder that Jouchan who is a duke’s daughter still hasn’t got a fiancé at her age. Besides, this insect you are talking about is the Crown Prince, ya know? Isn’t that weird?

The early rumored fiancé of hers was that very Crown Prince, right? When I asked「I won’t let Cristea become a bride!」is what he replied. He’s mostly a fool. If you are too careless, it will be too late for Jouchan to marry, ya know! Well, the Crown Princess… who will eventually become the Queen… we won’t be able to meet at all, so it will become lonely here, but… being the nation’s mother is an honor.

N? She will leave the home… no, the country if we chose her fiancé poorly?
Oy, oy, that joke isn’t funny, ya know?

Nn? She can use out of the norm magic that even Marlen is perplexed by?
… Isn’t she promising?

Ha? A contract with a Sacred Beast? Two at that? … And even a magic beast?
… No matter how much of a doting parent you are, to speak this much… you are not lying? Really?

… I, in that case, well, it’s not like I don’t understand.
Jouchan now has not a small amount of money saved up, she can also cook. Moreover, everything she makes is delicious. She brings out restaurant grade dishes one after another. I gulped down all the fried potatoes and Karaage she brought before, it was dangerously delicious… I wonder if she will bring it over again?

Whoops, I got sidetracked.

In addition to that, she has a powerful magic and guards.
Fu~mu… even if she leaves the house, she might unexpectedly have no problems to make a living.

However, Jouchan is ignorant of the ways of the world.
She wouldn’t be thinking about running away from home.

… Probably.


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