Shomin no Aji – Chapter 155

Products of the sea are waiting for me!


Getting a partial permission from Otousama, I decided to go to the port town to get marine products immediately the next day.

It would be troublesome bringing guards and I would like to avoid going by carriage as much as possible, so I decided to go only with the elite of Mashiro and Kurogane. I wanted to bring Kaguya along as well, but I was firmly refused.

『A port? It’s that right, a place near the huge salty puddle of water, right? I absolutely don’t want to go there!』

Apparently, she has fell into the sea and nearly drowned in the past and she came to hate sea because of that. She has gotten a trauma from nearly drowning, huh… Kaguya-san, you are a hopeless swimmer, huh? She has become completely cranky after I mentioned sea, so I promised to bring her a plenty of souvenirs to make up for it.

Come to think of it… can the current me swim…? I have no memories of swimming in this world…
Something like swimsuits from my past life would be considered improper here after all… nonetheless, it’s impossible for everyone to practice swimming while wearing clothes.
… If I developed a life jacket-like thing, would it sell?

Returning back to the main topic, I disguise myself as usual and warp! … is what I would like to do, but I can’t warp to the port town because I have never been there before. Last night, I wanted to give up and use the carriage… but, Kurogane went to the port town last night and confirmed the place. I’m grateful…
That being the case, Mashiro and I stuck to Kurogane who warped us to the town.

「This is a port town…」

I could tell the difference in the ambiance the moment we arrived.
How to say this, the unique scent of a place near the sea. The fragrance of a seashore? This much is enough to make me go, the sea is here~!
Moreover, the ambiance of the town’s market is also different. If I had to say, then the atmosphere is different. Is the climate warmer because the port is in the south?

「Now then, Lord. Where do we go?」

Kurogane who was protecting me from the crowd of people asked. Mashiro seemed very curious about the stalls while vigilant of the surroundings.

「Let’s see… since we are finally here, how about getting something to eat from a stall?」

Seafood is calling me!

「… Wawaaaaa… looks yummy…!」

Ushiojiru-like soups, roasted shellfish, a, aren’t those Sazae!? Those Tsuboyaki look delicious…!
But, many of them seem to be just roasted and seasoned with salt?
Even though they taste the best with soy sauce or butter…!

「Hmm, I have soy sauce and butter on me though…」

Adding more soy sauce or butter on top of heaps of salt, is a bit… fumu.

「Mister! Please give me three of those roasted ones」

I called out to the uncle who was selling Sazae no Tsuboyaki.

「Oh! What a cute missy! To want to eat this stuff, you are quite the connoisseur, aren’t you? Here, take the biggest freshly made ones! That will make three iron coins. Do you know how to take them out?」
「Yes, I know. Thank you」

H, how cheap… surprised by the local price, but still wearing a calm expression, I paid with copper coins and received the change.

We moved to the edge of the plaza and ate.

「Erm you see, you do it like this… n…. I got it out!」

The refreshing feeling of skillfully picking out the Sazae has to be savored.

「Put just a little bit of soy sauce on it…」

Ham. Chew, chew…

「Haa… yummy…!」

This bitterness is a treat as well. If I was an adult, I would be ordering a beer… no, an ale right about now. That would be impossible with my current appearances indeed…
While feeling regrettable, I drank the broth left behind by the Sazae. Nma~!

「Cristeaa~… can’t get it」
「N? Lemme see, lemme see」

I received the Sazae from the dejected looking Mashiro and cleanly took out its body.

「Thank you~… ham… chew, chew… bitter」

Mashiro who copied me and ate it in one gulp grimaced at the bitterness.
It didn’t suit Mashiro’s tastes, huh~

「Chew… n, this is quite…」

Kurogane who skillfully took out the Sazae and ate it in the blink of an eye was looking at the stall as if he wanted to ear more.

「… We can buy more if you still want to eat, you know?」

Saying such, I handed money over to Kurogane. I intend to sample other things too, so I restrained myself.
Now then, what shall I eat next?


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