Shomin no Aji – Chapter 158

The destructive power of a beautiful girl is staggering.


I, who has become dripping wet cleaned myself with Clear magic to remove the sea salt from my body and ran behind a rock wall to change into new clothes I retrieved from the inventory, so I wouldn’t catch a cold.
Right now, I’m leaning against Kurogane who changed into his big form in front of a fireplace while dried my hair with a warm breeze from Wind magic.

「What is that! Magic? How convenient~! Ah, it’s warm!」
『Don’t go approaching Lord so familiarly』

Kurogane warded off the Mermaid-san with his tail.

「Nmo~ Kurogane, we have resolved the misunderstanding, so stop acting so mean」
「Ahaha, it’s fine, it’s fine~ He’s a contracted Sacred Beast, right? That’s incredible, isn’t it? You have multiple contracts?」
「Haa, well…」

S, somehow, she went out of control…

「No wonder I thought your magical power looked delicious. How nicee~」

Grrr… Kurogane threatened.

「Whoopsy, scary, scary! It’s all right. I don’t want to get eaten by you guys, I won’t do anything strange, you know? But, I would be really happy if I could get at least a tiny bit of magical power…」

She glanced at me with puppy eyes and smiled. U~mu, the smile of a beautiful girl is destructive…
It certainly does make me think that giving her just a little bit should be all right.

『No way. Cristea, is ours!』

Mashiro who turned into his human form and changed into my clothes stood behind Mermaid-san.

「I can’t after all, huh…」

Mermaid-san said dejectedly.

Hmm, regardless the result, she cooperated in getting the fish, so I should do something for her as thanks…

「I won’t give you my magical power directly, but if it’s this…」

Saying such, I retrieved Dorayaki from the inventory. If it’s something I made, then it will apparently have my magical power to some extent.

「… What is this? Food?」
「That’s right」
「Can I eat it?」
「Yeah. Go ahead?」

She timidly upturned the bun and peeked inside. The anko paste is dark, so it might not look after food at first sight.
I took a bite in front of her with a wry smile. Un, yummy.
Seeing me eat the Dorayaki with a smile, she made up her resolve and took a bite.

「… !!」

Opening her eyes wide and staring at the Dorayaki for a while, she started eating with a great vigor. O… ou, I’m glad you seem to like it…

「This…! This is delicious! I want to eat more!!」

She looked at me with sparkling eyes, so I ended up giving her two more.

「Haa… that was yummy…」

Uu… she looked at me with entranced expression. I will give you more, so stop doing that!

「Say, say, will you come to get fish again?」
「I think so…」

I have shrewdly collected all the fish that got caught up in my warp into my inventory.
Living things can’t be stored, so it was troublesome draining them all of blood…

「If you come again for fish, come over here! I will help you drive the fish!」

She proposed with a charming smile. Indeed, I was able to get fish that got caught up in my warp, but if she helped driving them towards me, then I would be able to easily get a big catch… isn’t that like making an easy profit?

「… Lord, you mustn’t form a contract carelessly, alright?」

Ha! I see, if I give a promise here, it might turn into a contract!
Not good, not good, I was careless!

「Ahaha, it’s fine~ The contract won’t be formed. I can’t separate from the sea anyway」
「Ah… I see. You can’t do without water?」
「Yup, yup. But, it’s fun being able to talk like this, so I would like you to come play again」

Uu, the beautiful girl classic, tilted her and puppy eyes…!

「… If I feel like it, okay?」
「Ehehe~ I’m happy! … I would be happy if you could let me eat snacks again if possible…?」

… Not good? She looked at me as if saying that…!

「… If I feel like it」
「Yaaay! Thank you!」

Uu… her bright smile is dazzling…! The advantage of a beautiful girl…! I lost!

「… We have to return soon」

If we don’t return soon, I will get scolded by Otousama.

「Then, see you again. Mermaid-san」
「I’m not a Mermaid but a Siren, you know~ Not her, but him while we are at it, okay?」
「I see, a Siren, huh… e, eh? Him?」
「Un, I’m a male~」

Eh! Ehhh! This beautiful girl is a male? There are male Sirens!?
Rather… his chest is indeed flat as a board, but… below… the symbol… is not there??
Noticing that my gaze unintentionally went downwards, the Mermaid’s… Siren-san’s face dyed red.

「… Ecchi. We conceal our genitalia unlike humans, you know? … Want to see?」
「No, no, no! I’m fine! I will politely decline!」

Ah, really-! Stop looking at me with puppy eyes at a time like this! That made my heart throb!

Him and Sei too, why are men with high feminine levels all around me!?

Cristea returned to the mansion, losing self-confidence in various areas.


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