Shomin no Aji – Chapter 159

Let's make it right away.


Returning from the port town with a large quantity of fish, I decided to promtply start working on the trial products.

「… You have bought a lot, huh?」

Shin asked doubtfully while looking at the many marine products.
… I haven’t bought them… moreover, this is a mere portion, you know?

「Is that so? You think it’s a lot?」

I started cooking with an inner cold sweat running down.

First, the Amadai.
Slicing down its back, I remove the gills and internal organs, and clean the flesh from blood. If I don’t do this process well, it will have a seriously bad fishy smell.
Once the process is done, I pickle half of it in salt water. Ah! Crap… I don’t have a drying net… can’t be helped, let’s dry it in a strainer with a coarse cloth… I will have to produce a drying net for the next time.

I processed fish other than the Amadai tilefish for drying overnight.

I would like Sanma next… I must prepare it on earthen brazier with charcoal and a grill.
I will make the earthen brazier with Earth magic… and I will request Galvano Ojisama for the grill. All that’s left would be charcoal… is there a charcoal? Fire is usually started by kindlings and magic stones, I feel like I haven’t seen charcoal before.
… Inserting magic stone into the earthen brazier? No, no, isn’t the Sanma oil dripping onto the charcoal what’s good?
… I have to investigate where to obtain charcoal. If there’s none, I will have to make it myself…

I finished processing the fish while pondering over that.

This is the share for tomorrow…
What should we eat today… while thinking that, what I have picked up in my hand was a dark, thorny… chestnut-like thing… right, sea urchin!
There were urchins sticking to algae that got caught up in the warp, and my irresponsible stimulation on the beach that time was really unbecoming… I have an urchin-!!

「Say, Ojou. Can you eat that dark, creepy-looking thing? It looks like a monster…」

Shin looked at the sea urchin with an unpleasant expression. I thought as much! People who eat urchin for the first time are terrific. They must think that something with such appearances can’t be eaten.
Sea cucumber is like that as well. It takes courage, doesn’t it… it’s yummy, though.

「It’s not a monster, its flesh can be eaten, you know? The sharp exterior is not edible though」

It really hurts when the spines prickle you, so I protected my hands with leather gloves and opened the urchin with a knife. It would be easier with cooking scissors though…
When I opened it, a vivid orange flesh unsuitable for the black shell appeared. Quickly washing it with salt water…
Uwaa… looks so delicious!

「… What is that? Can you eat that??」

Shin was very interested in the vivid color that was too different from his imagination.

「Do you want to try? Although you might not like it, it varies from person to person」

People who don’t like the fishy fragrance might not like that.

On top of looking grotesque, it’s has a little bit… no, quite strange texture, but I gave Shin a seal of edibleness, so he made up resolve and put it into his mouth.

「…? The stank?! … No, but what is this? How rich…」

After grimacing at first, an expression that couldn’t believe the urchin’s rich taste floated on his face.
And then, he extended his hand in order to confirm the taste, oh no! There are only a few, so I won’t give you anymore!
He looked at me with a hateful expression because he wanted to eat more, but I won’t hand over my Urchin-chans!
In addition to that, I mixed fish with white flesh, fish with red flesh, squids, and shrimps in a bowl… and the seafood Donburi is finished!

… There, I finally noticed that everything I made is… raw food, isn’t it?? Will everyone… not eat it, by any chance…??
There’s no problem with the freshness because I was storing it in the inventory. However, the avoidance of eating raw food has not been wiped out yet.

… Hmm… it’s a Donburi, so they will be less alert than if I were to present Sashimi, right…?
Anyhow, I can only give it a try… if they won’t eat it, at least my inventory stock will increase.

Yeah. If even this is of no use, then the products I plan to acquire in the near future will be all mine, right? Ufufufufu…


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