Shomin no Aji – Chapter 16

Magic studies time. Part 1


「Umu, Miss Cristea. It’s very good」

Alright! I got「Very good」from my magic studies tutor Marlen!
If these words are not given, we can’t quite progress further.

「Thank you very much. Marlen sensei」

I gracefully welcome it.

「No, no, you have gotten quite good. You have been recently absorbing everything I teach, so your poor grades already feel nostalgic. It will be very good if you get out of your habit of skipping classes too」

Ho, ho, ho, he laughed while stroking his long beard like a good-natured old man, but he didn’t forget to give me a warning as well.

「… I, I’m terribly sorry…」
「Don’t mention it. I can see that you have been recently learning magic seriously, so all’s good. On the other hand, your manners studies Retia-dono is having a hard time」

Finding no room to argue with Marlen sensei’s words, I replied with a wry smile.
Gununu… well, that’s because manners studies are extremely tiring…!
「Repeat yourself until your courtesy becomes beautiful 」or「Keep on walking straight with a book on your head to learn how to walk gracefully」or… it’s all too strict~!
If Retia sensei lived during my past life, she would certainly be the sports club’s ogre teacher! Without a doubt!

「Now then, you have already learned the majority of what is being taught at the academy. Before moving to the next subject, is there something you would like to especially learn?」

As the Duke’s daughter, I have to learn how to conduct myself as a noble, so it’s necessary to learn elementary-intermediate level magic before enrolling in the academy. It’s so that I could immediately sit for practical skill examination after enrolling and receive an exemption from classes. Then, using that exemption time, I’m to attend other lectures that are essential for nobles. Sounds bothersome.
If possible, it would be better if I could attend the elementary magic studies because it sounds more fun.

「It’s a reward for Miss Cristea who has been recently doing her best」Marlen sensei said with his eyes smiling as if looking at his mischevious granddaughter. He’s so good at using the carrot and stick policy, isn’t he… I would like Retia sensei to follow his example…

Umm, something I want to learn?
… Ah, right. Un, if I’m to ask now’s the chance, right?

「Umm… I would like to know about space magic, but…」

Yes. Space magic. That thing which always follows into light novels or games, an inventory.

In fact, some of the magicians who were practicing magic at the academy apparently graduated and became adventurers who are hired as carriers and guards by the Merchant’s Guild. They seem to be in a great demand despite the high request fees.

I’m thinking that I can bring various things with me to the academy if I’m able to use space magic. Ingredients mainly. Living things would be no good, but the freshness of perishables is apparently preserved just like it was at the time of inserting, so it would be the best as there would be no need for a fridge. Mufun.

「Hmm. Space magic… huh… that would be a bit difficult」
「… As I thought, would it be impossible without adequate aptitude?」

Ehh, seriously…
My stable eating habits are…


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