Shomin no Aji – Chapter 162

Picking us up?


Now then, the next day. I planned to go to the Bastea Company to obtain Yahatul alcohol at once!

「Does Kaguya also want to go with us this time?」

She has been room-sitting while we had a meal with Sei and others the last time, so I thought it might be fine for her to go with us now that she finally started opening her heart to me?

『No way. How troublesome. Besides, the place of your destination this time is that place where the frightening one and others are, right?』
「Frightening…? Ahh, you mean Byakko-sama?」

Come to think of it, something like that happened.

「Byakko-sama and others aren’t really scary or anything, you know? All of them are good-natured people」
『I don’t want to approach someone with such strong powers. I would be erased in an instant if I offended him』
「Ehh? Surely not?」

Byakko-sama and others don’t seem like they would do such a thing.

「Lord, what Kaguya says is not necessarily wrong. Those fellows are really powerful. Their powers are being suppressed because they are not of this land, but Kaguya would be dealt with effortlessly if they were to wield their powers」

Ehh…? Byakko-sama was such scary existence…? When I recall the happenings since our first meeting, he doesn’t seem like that even a tiny bit, but…?

「Do not worry, I’m strong. I will be able to protect you even if something happens, so be at ease」

Seeing me in deep thoughts and misunderstanding that I was feeling anxious, Kurogane said with a smug face.

「Cristea, I will protect you too, don’t worry, okay?」

Even Mashiro…

「Ah… un, thank you」

No, no. No matter how I think about it, they don’t seem like scary beings?

「What is this? Why are you making a bad person out of me?」

Before I knew it, Byakko-sama was standing behind me. Seriously! Are you sharp-eared!?

「Byakko! Don’t scare Lord!」
「Bullying Cristea, no!」
「I’m not bullying her」
「T, t, that startled mee…」
「Haha. A letter arrived via warp that you are coming to the Bastea Company, but you weren’t quite coming so I came to pick you up, ya know?」
「… Rather than picking us, haven’t you come to pick up your meal?」
「Well, I won’t deny that」

Hey! Deny that for a little bit! Don’t say it so refreshingly honestly! Seriously!

「Of ocurse, you have some souvenir food for us, right?」
「Haa… of course I do」
「Alriight! Then, let’s go!?」

Byakko-sama urged to go cheerfully. Well, as the cook, I’m happy that you are looking forward to it, but…

「Yes, let’s go」
「Then, today, I will bring you along. Oy, the pipsqueak over there, you come too」

Saying such, Byakko-sama warped the hiding Kaguya into his hands.

『Ginya!? Why!? Don’t wanna!』

Caught by the nape of her neck when trying to escape, Kaguya stiffened in fear.

「… Do you think that you have the right to veto?」
『Hii…! I, I understand!』

Ohh… for Kaguya to be that frightened… I don’t think that he’s that scary, but are the Divine Beasts existences deserving of worship after all?

「Alright. W’then, I’m warping~?」

Saying such, Byakko-sama warped us to the Bastea Company.


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