Shomin no Aji – Chapter 163

I am not in the wrong, right!?


「Ah, Miss Cristea. You came」

Said Sei to welcome me.
He’s not Ichima-san today, huh~ That’s a little bit regrettable.

「You seem to be disappointed for some reason, but I won’t disguise myself unless necessary, you know?」

Whoops, did it appear on my face?
Not good, not good.

「Ahaha… I thought it was a little regrettable」
「… I’m not doing it because I like it, alright?」

Sei looked at me tiredly.

I know that. It’s just I thought that it really suits you, you know? I won’t say that though because it will make him feel down.

「So? What do you want today?」
「Erm, I would like Yahatul alcohol today…」
「… Miss Cristea, you are still a minor, so you won’t drink, right?」
「It’s not for drinking, but for cooking」
「For cooking?」
「That’s right. I would like cooking alcohol if you have it, but…」

Don’t worry, the alcohol is bound to splash out during the cooking. It will be fine, see?

「Ah, Kurogane drinks, right? In that case, something to drink too… Kurogane’s share and… let’s see, should I buy some as souvenir for Otousama and Galvano Ojisama too?」

… How many litres should I buy…? It would be better to buy a barrel for Galvano Ojisama, wouldn’t it?
Ah, I wonder if Kurogane is a strong drinker? It’s doubtful whether Ojisama has a limit though. Even Otousama who is a heavy drinker has been smashed by Ojisama when drinking together.

「Galvano Ojisama?」
「He’s Otousama’s friend, a Dwarf. He’s handy and able to make various tools, you see?」
「Ahh. As I thought. The famous Dwarven weaponsmith Uncle Galvano, huh」

Sei nodded in understanding.

「Yeah, I heard that the swords Uncle Galvano produces are all top quality」
「Eeeh…? I heard from Galvano Ojisama himself that he has a tool shop…」
「Certainly, he has been producing only living ware recently. I heard that people are troubled because he says that he’s too busy no matter how earnestly they request him to make them a weapon」

Eh, that’s… the result of my orders??

「There are apparently many people who wanted to complain, but because all of his living ware are of top quality that their servants and family order with gratitude, there were many who gave up on the ordering of weapons…」

E, eheehh… I’m sorry to the people who wanted weapons, but I’m glad since the living ware is useful… I think?

「… N?  … making tools… eh, surely not…?」

Sei glanced at me.
Yes, that’s correct.

「Ahaha… that was probably… my fault?」

Ah… please don’t look at me with such eyes! It might be my fault, but I am not in the wrong, right!?

「… Well, it would be better to order the tools moderately」
「… You are right」

But you see, some time ago, I carelessly made some arrangements…

「… I wonder if I should become Jouchan’s specialty tools seller…?」He said.

It’s too late to stop him now… but, I shall keep silent about this…


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