Shomin no Aji – Chapter 169

Dressing up game is fun.


After the boisterous tea break finished, Suzaku-sama started playing dressing up as per her condition.
Of course, I am participating as well.
Real dress-up doll is amusing!

「Haa… as I thought, it would be difficult to wear kimono with such physique…」

In case of Kaguya who has the Transistor Glamour body shape, she needs a considerable adjustments. So that’s why Suzaku-sama was imagining a more slender body shape.

「Um, you see… this is quite difficult to breathe in so I don’t want to wear it anymore…」
「「Be quiet and behave yoruself」」
「…! It’s unfair only for me to do this! Cristea should wear it too!」
「What are you saying? It wouldn’t suit me even if I wore…」

Ga! my shoulders were seized. I have a bad feeling… when I timidly looked at the person grasping my shoulders, Suzaku-sama spoke to me with a very nice smile.

「Kaguya, what a good suggestion…! Now, now! Cristea-sama, let’s have you changed too, okay!?」


「… T, that was terrible…」

Zeehaa… the kimono with a similar style to my past life is lovely, but the pressure… this is quite a different feeling of oppression from the corset.

「Just how terrible experience I had, you have now realized it too, right?」

Hmph! Kaguya snorted. Yeah… I have forgotten this feeling…

Adjustments? … I had no need for them!! Kimonos are suitable for my body type anyway! I’m not crying! I’m not crying, you know! As if I could cry!

「My, my! How lovely you two look!」

Suzaku-sama’s high evaluation and whole-faced smile have no malice behind them.

What I am wearing is a kimono with an underlying pink tone and a cherry blossom motif. Kaguya’s kimono is black with butterfly motif. It was chosen according to the hair color, huh.

「Hou. You certainly look lovely」

Uwaa… Sei, I will get embarrassed if you praise me that much! Sei is more of a beauty than I, so it’s painful being said that!

「Umu. Lord is peerlessly lovely」
「Cristea, cute!」

Ttt… thank you, you two…

「Hey. You won’t say anything to me?」
「Kaguya is… yeah, well, it suits you?」
「Un, probably?」
「Why are you asking questions!?」

Kisha-! Kaguya-san got angry.

「Ahh, well… that’s, umm…」

The black and white duo looked at Sei.
Ahh… because she’s black-haired and wearing a black kimono, it still can’t be compared to how well Sei wears it. Comparing her to Sei’s Ichima-san disguise including his gestures… hey! You two, that’s rude! You have to properly praise at a time like this! I have to educate them later!

「What are you saying? She’s charming in a different way from Miss Cristea’s loveliness, you know?」
「… !! U… umm, that, err… t, thanks…」

That Kaguya blushed and was at a loss for words… you say!?
Sei may actually have an unexpected playboy-ish character…

「Say, Lord? Since there’s an occasion, why don’t you wear a kimono as well?」
「Oh my, good idea. It’s a rare chance, so Sei let’s dress you up?」
「I firmly refuse!!!!」

Tsk, that’s regrettable.

And like that, the dress-up game continued until the afternoon.


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