Shomin no Aji – Chapter 170

It's the healing mofu time.


「Haaa… I’m exhausted」

Kaguya and I who returned to my room via warp sat down on the sofa, feeling completely exhausted.

「It looked like you were having quite the fun though…?」
「It certainly was fun, but… we played so much we tired ourselves out, right~? Kaguya」
『Don’t ask me. I was just the dress-up victim』

I mofued Kaguya who returned to her cat form and was sprawled on my lap. Ah~… as I thought, Kaguya is much more adorable in her mofumofu form, I’m getting healed…

But, she also looked cute in the first ever one-piece dress she wore. I think that impish fashion would really suit her. Ahh, if I only had a talent in dressmaking… I can somehow manage with embroidery, but making clothes is as expected too much for me…

「Well, I would like to refrain myself from wearing kimono for a while」
『You plan on wearing it again?』

Kaguya asked in disgust, but you see, what about wearing a long-sleeved kimono for a Shinto shrine visit at the New Years… ah, Doristan has no Shinto shrines… dejected.
Uu, let’s at least view a sunrise at the port town on the New Years…

『Hey, what are you getting absentminded for? Your hand has stopped, you know?』

Ha, not good. I went from a sunrise viewing trip to making Osechi nad Ozouni.

「I’m sorry? I was in a daze」

I resumed the mofu time with Kaguya. Besides, Kaguya closed her eyes in satisfaction and comfort. Yeah, didn’t the distance between the two of us considerably shortened?

While grinning from ear to ear and patting Kaguya, Mashiro and Kurogane who turned back to their original forms closely snuggled next to me on the sofa and to my legs.

『Cristea, only Kaguya, not fair. Me too!』
『That’s right. I believe you should treat your contracted beasts equally?』

You guys who have bullied Kaguya are saying something like this… although, I’m in support of equal treatment, so I mofued them in turns.
Well, I only wanted some mofumofu though!
Ha~… this is a supreme bliss.

… I wonder if such time will disappear once I enter the academy… I wouldn’t like that.
I will have to return to the capital’s mansion or here during the weekends as much as possible for mofumofu time and to create new products…

… Speaking of which, Otousama was greatly perplexed when the requests of the kitchen staff to be transferred to the capital’s mansion with my enrollment came to him…

The situation was really grave when even Head Chef came and pleaded「Please let me be close to my Master (me)!」…
Head Chef, I don’t remember becoming your Master??

The situation finally calmed down when the requests of the capital mansion’s kitchen staff to be transferred here came.

It might be a good idea to periodically hold a chef exchange(?). They might learn from each other and broaden their skills… yeah, let’s propose that idea to Otousama.
The capital mansion’s people want to eat delicious meals too after all, right?


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