Shomin no Aji – Chapter 171

Let's prepare for the winter! Part 1


「I should start preparing for the winter soon」
「For the winter… is it?」

Was there a need for winter preparations before? Miria had such a look on her face.

「That’s right. I have to stock up on the necessary winter emergency food, see?」

Funsu, I said enthusiastically while breathing out from my nose.

「Emergency… is what you say, but Cristea-sama is a possessor of the Inventory, so isn’t anything you have emergency food in some way or other?」
「Gu… but you know, there will be a shortage of vegetables during the winter, so isn’t it necessary to stock up on them so everyone can eat?」
「… You said the same about summer, didn’t you make a large quantity of pickles because of that?」
「Uu… you remember well」
「Cristea-sama is just too forgetfull」

No, no, it’s not like I don’t remember, you know?
I just wanted to make a lot of things using that as a pretext! It’s vexing to be considered a forgetful child!


「… that being the case, I think of making preserved foods」
「… I don’t understand what this is about, what if it’s preserved foods, didn’t you make lots just a while ago?」

Ku… even Shin. Everyone has a good memory!

「Leave it at that! I will make something different today!」

Making preserved foods is fun, so I want to make as much as I please~!

「Our house’s emergency food stockpile will allow us to hole ourselves up at the critical moment, you know?」
「What war are you preparing for Ojou…」
「What are you saying, it’s just an example」

If you really want to know, then it’s the war against my appetite, but every day is a bloodless capitulation because I am always fighting a losing battle.

Won’t I grow horizontally instead of vertically one day…? I was worried about that, but because I, fortunately, use a large amount of magical power every day, therefore, the calories I burn aren’t small, so there are no signs of me growing horizontally yet.
This is something I would like to feel relieved about, but I can see no growth in places I would like to grow, so it’s a mixed blessing…

… I am not crying, you know?

「… So? What are you going to make today?」

Whoops, not good.

「Err you see, I would like to make Sauerkraut and smoked food today」
「Zawa… what?」
「Sauerkraut. Kyabett pickled in salt」

Shredded leaves of Kyabett… a pseudo cabbage with herbs pickled in salt and fermented for a few days.

Sauerkraut has a sour flavor which is caused by the lactic acid that forms during the fermentation.
People often suffer from vitamin deficiency during the winter, so I intend to supplement them with this.

I have an Inventory, so I have an emergency stock of vegetables I harvested during the summer, but that’s not the case for everyone else.
I must spread this method of preserving food, so that everyone can stay healthy throughout the winter. I plan to regularly donate a part of the large amount of preserved foods I make to the church’s orphanage.

I heard that there are children who can’t stock up on sufficient amount of food for the winter due to the low budget of the country. Considering all that, it doesn’t seem that the priests of the church endeavor in frugality. Therefore, I will entrust the monetary donation to Otousama and I will donate in-kind to the orphanage. I don’t want to let the children starve during the cold winter.

「… Oy, Ojou. Just how much Kyabett are you intending to shred?」

Ha! Darn. I unintentionally immersed myself in shredding. I was speechless by the mountain of shredded Kyabett in front of me, but I immediately pulled myself together since I intended to make lots. I mixed it with herbs and salt and stuffed it in a barrel.

Now then, next is the smoked food!


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