Shomin no Aji – Chapter 173

Try eating it, we will talk afterward.


First, the orc meat bacon… ohh… a pleasant yellowish-brown…!
First of all, let’s simply slice it and lightly bake it…

「Now, give it a try」

A freshly made bacon. I want to eat it too, but let’s see Shin’s reaction first.

「… It just reeks of smoke, no?」
「Stop saying that and try it」

Shin looked at the bacon dubiously and took a bite.

「… Mu, it has a slight stank… n, but this is…」

He seems to be savoring the taste as he closed his eyes. Good, good.

「… Yeah, this is… yummy. There’s a deeper taste than the taste of orc meat pickled in salt…」

Isn’t that right, isn’t that right?
Smoked foods are super delicious, you know~!

「Try eating this too?」

I cut the smoked egg which I took earlier in half.
Ohh… the egg yolk looks nice…! I won’t restrain myself here and try it together with Shin.

D… ddddelicious~!!!
This sticky egg yolk and smoky fragrance give off an inexpressible pleasure… whoopsy, have I been influenced by Suzaku-sama? I have to be careful…!

「This is…!」

Shin opened his eyes wide and make an expression of disbelief. Fufufu, Ajitama itself is delicious, so there’s no reason for it not to taste good when you smoke it as well.

As for bacon, it’s the number one for drinkers, you know?
I will make Otousama and Galvano Ojisama surrender with it! Fufufu…

It seems that Shin has become completely addicted to the bacon and smoked eggs. He gazed at the bacon with reluctance.
Fufufu… why don’t I let Shin eat the make double menu!

I slice the bacon at 1cm width and finely chop the garlic.

Heat the pseudo olive oil and bacon together with garlic on the pan, fry until the bacon is crispy and let it cool off a bit.

I have Shin boil slightly thinner Udon noodles than usual in the meantime…

Put an egg and fresh cream in the bowl and mix it with grated cheese, the finished smoked salt and little bit of pepper.

Add the bacon togeter with the oil, mix it, add the completely boiled noodles, and mix lightly until thick and it’s done.

It’s the Carbonara.
… I hope the pasta machine gets developed quickly… I, I have to ask Galvano Ojisama to work a little harder… I will compensate in bacon and ale.

「Now then, eat up?」

I put the freshly made Carbonara in front of Shin.
Of course, there’s a share for me as well, you know?


The moment the Carbonara entered my mouth, a rich flavor spread all over.
Nnn… delish~!
I recall how I was entranced and kept eating when I tried Carbonara for the first time… I was scared of calories but kept eating… and as a result, I had a bitter experience of banning the Carbonara myself… (distant look)

「… Yummy…! It’s so rich. I thought the bacon would give it a wild impression, but it’s delicate… a deliciousness with lingering effect… is it because the noodles were cut thinner than usual? It’s entwined with the sauce… what a good idea」

Oh? Shin is unusually talkative, isn’t he? It’s probably because the noodles he’s used to showed him yet another side.

「… Have you remembered the recipe?」
「Yeah, I have some parts I would like to confirm with you though…」
「I see, I’m glad. I leave the rest to you then, okay?」
「… Ha?」

Leaving a lump of bacon behind, I quickly left from my seat.

Forgive me, Shin.

He might have not noticed, but the eyes of Head Chef who stood behind Shin were like the eyes of a predator… let’s leave it at that…

I feel like I heard「I will get you for this-!」shout from behind, but it must be just my imagination. I have no doubts it was just my imagination…


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