Shomin no Aji – Chapter 174

Red that makes men yield.


Now then, taking into account that Shin’s reaction was superb, the acceptance of smoked food is as good as settled.

A bacon menu to make Otousama yield… what would be good?
I could present him Carbonara just like I did to Shin, but I simply reject the idea of eating the same thing. Yes.

… Yeah, let’s go with that after all.


「I heard you have something new today, but… these are two noodle dishes?」
「Oh my… there’s a white and red ones?」

Otousama and Okaasama were fidgeting while looking at the two dishes served on platters in front of them.

「Yes. Pick the one which is to your liking」
「Fumu. Of course, I would like to eat both, but… I will start with the red one?」
「Then, I will take the white one」

The white one is Carbonara. Head Chef insisted that「Dannasama should try this as well!」, so I couldn’t help but to serve it too.
Oh well, Otousama would certainly sulk if he knew that Head Chef and others ate something he didn’t, so serving it too was the right decision.

The red one Otousama chose first is a dish that is very popular with men… right, it’s Napolitan.

「The red one is called Napolitan. You can choose from a grated cheese of your liking and drizzle it with pickled chilli pepper and garlic oil. The white one is Carbonara. You can eat it as it is, add the cheese of your liking or black pepper」
「Umu. I will start eating」
「Ufufu, it smells nice, doesn’t it… let’s eat then」
「Yes, go ahead」

I will have a Napolitan.

… Yeah, yummy. There’s nothing I can say about the non-overpowering taste of bacon within the Napolitan with plenty of vegetables.
The ketchup brings them all together… haaa… being able to eat this without limits is scary. If I switch from cheese to oil, I will be able to eat even more… Napolitan, how terrifying it is!

「What is this… I thought that this was just noodles fried together with vegetables and ketchup… just what is different?」

Ohh… what a gourment-like analysis.
He’s eating with his eyes closed, as if ascertaining every flavor.
… Otousama, you will be treated as eccentric if you show that in the royal palace, so please be careful, okay?

「… I know, it’s the meat… the meat tastes different. It’s deeper… this small pieces of meat contain a rich flavor」

Ehhh… what is with these abrupt openings of eyes!? Even though I found Shin’s reaction cute…

「Cristea, this meat wasn’t just simply pickled in salt, was it?」

… He looks like some great detective who just solved a mystery! Please stop it.

「… Yes, this is the new product, it’s called bacon. I used it to make this Napolitan and Carbonara」
「It’s salt-pickled orc meat, smoked. The deep flavor Otousama was talking about was achieved by the process called smoking」

Saying such, I placed the smoked bacon in front of Otousama.

Otousama picked up the bacon, checked the fragrance and tasted it. He slowly ascertained the taste.

「… This is it. This is the taste. Just by smoking it, the taste of the salt-pickled meat would become this profound…?」
「Yes. It’s not just the smoke, you can enjoy a different flavor depending on the type of wood that has been used. It will be necessary to test various trees to find the most suitable ones though… in addition, this bacon is considered a preserved food」
「Fumu. If preserved foods can be this delicious, then there will be a high demand for portable meals」

Otousama said while gazing at the bacon.
Alright, this is good.


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