Shomin no Aji – Chapter 175

Women entrancing white.


Now, I got a step closer to the smokehouse establishment!

「However, this is… truly delicious. It would go well with liquor」

Otousama fixedly stared at the bacon.

「I believe you are correct. Besides, I’m thinking of various bacon dishes that would match with the liquor」
「Various…? Match with liquor…?」
「Therefore, Otousama. I would like your permission to build a smokehouse to create more of this bacon and other smoked foods in the rear of the garden…」
「Yes, smoking… cooking with smoke can’t be done unless the place is filled with smoke to the brim. Hence, mass production will be possible if we build an exclusive use shed」
「Mass production… umu, you have my permission」
「I’m telling you that you have my permission」

Fast!? Otousama, you are too easy!

「… So? When can you start the mass production?」
「Eh? Errm… we have a stock of orc meat, so… prepare them, let them mature… build the shed in the meanwhile… roughly after one week?」

When I report the approximate plan, Otousama just kept nodding his head in consent.

「After one week, huh… I understand. Well then, Cristea. Once you start mass producing the bacon, I’m thinking of sampling it with Galvano who is knowledgeable about alcohol, so I will leave the development of menu that goes well with the liquor to you」
「Eh!?… Yeah, yes. I understand」
「Umu. I will leave it to you」

Eeeeeh~? Otousama’s intention to drink is not small at all! H, how envious! Haaa… I want to age quickly so I can drink alcohol too… it’s frustrating, so I will create an extremely spicy menu, alright!

「Then, shall we try the one called Karubonaara… the white one?」
「Ah… yes. Certainly」

… Which reminds me, Okaasama has been awfully quiet… I looked at Okaasama whose existence I have completely forgotten.

… Okaasama, you have come to like the Carbonara, didn’t you? You are eating deliciously with an entranced expression, you know?

「… Okaasama, how about tasting the Napolitan?」
「… Ha. M, my, no. I am fine just with this Carbonaara today. I am already full」

Looking carefully, quite a lot of Carbonara has disappeared from the large plate.

Ahh… Okaasama, have you fallen into the Carbonara trap?
I have to secretly tell Okaasama later how devilish the Carbonara is…

Haa… why do delicious things have so many calories?

Anyhow, I have received the permission to build the smokehouse, let’s start making arrangements for the shed starting tomorrow!
I’m looking forward to it~!


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