Shomin no Aji – Chapter 176

Yes, a tsundere has arrived~!


「This is the rumored bacon, huh」

Kurogane gazed at the bacon he held and took a bite.

「… Fumu. I thought it just reeked of smoke when you were making it, but its deliciousness hit me the moment I tried eating it. It seems it would go well with ale」
「Right? If you think so then, here you go」

I took out ale I had stored in my Inventory.

「Ohh, thank you…!? It is cold? Both the cup and ale were cooled? … This is tasty!」

Yup, yup, isn’t that right? I am in no mood to drink a lukewarm ale. I plan on offering this cold ale to Galvano Ojisama when he comes over to drink the next time.

How about inserting a magic stone in the mug and cooling it down by pouring magical power inside? … Hmm, would it be too expensive I wonder… let’s just try suggesting it to Ojisama…

Next to him, Mashiro was eating Napolitan.

「Cristea, this is, del, ish!」

Smile~! he looked at me with a whole-faced smile, but ahh~ you have ketchup all around your face, you know? It’s cute because you are in your human form, but it would definitely be scary if you were in your Sacred Beast form, so please be careful, okay?
I wiped Mashiro’s face while cautioning him so.

「Thank you, Cristea」

Yes, yes, Mashiro is a good boy, aren’t you?

「Haaa… the hell is this? Isn’t this too delicious…?」

Said Kaguya who was eating Carbonara. As I thought, girls do love Carbonara, don’t they?
… I feel like Suzaku-sama would love it too.

Since that time, I have requested Suzaku-sama if it would be possible for Kaguya to change into a human form when I wish for it and consciously give her a fixed amount of magical power.

In addition to Suzaku-sama’s and Byakko-sama’s divine protection, I overwrote the magic tool a little. She’s to change back into a cat were she do something bad in the human form, so nothing except her human form has changed up until now.

In spite of being able to turn into a human, Kaguya spends most of her time idling in the cat form. It’s just that she apparently finds food more delicious in the human form, so she turns into a human during the meal time… she has a different number of taste buds in her two forms after all.

That being the case, she’s currently in her human form and eating a meal together with Mashiro and Kurogane.

「It seems that the Carbonara is to your liking, Kaguya」
「Yeah, it would be nice if I could eat this every day!」

Y, you would definitely get tired of it after a while…

「You will get tired of it if you eat it every day. Carbonara is delicious because you eat it once in a while. Moreover, you will get fat if you eat too much, you know?」
「There’s no way I would get tired of… ha? Get fat?」
「Right, you will get fat」

Kaguya’s hand that was holding the fork completely stopped. She alternated her gaze between the Carbonara and me in shock. Even Kaguya is conscious about getting fat after all.
When I conveyed that to Okaasama after the meal, give me a smaller portion tomorrow, okay…? is what she told me… I’m sorry, Okaasama. In order to not feel guilty and so you could eat your fill, I will make sure to prepare a healthy menu with many vegetables!

「Hey, you! What dangerous thing have you made me eat!」

Kii-! Kaguya bared her teeth angrily.

「It’s not dangerous? In the proper quantity. Too much of a good thing is bad, so there won’t be a problem if you eat it with moderation」

Well, it’s difficult to be moderate in front of delicious things. Yeah.

「I don’t understand what you are talking about at all! Anyhow, isn’t it your fault for making something so delicious!」

Oh my, have I been indirectly praised just now??
She ate it deliciously, didn’t she?

「Ehehe~ thank you, Kaguya」
「Haa!? Why are you thanking me while I am scolding you! Are you stupid!?」
「You don’t have to be so shy about it~!」
「I am not being shy!」

She abruptly turned her face away, but your sulky cheeks are bright red, you know? Kaguya-san.

Yes, I have received the dere of the tsuntsun Kaguya-san~!


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