Shomin no Aji – Chapter 177

Making full use of magic to create! Part 1


The next day, when I immediately started making preparations for the bacon, everyone in the kitchen complained「That won’t be enough!!」, so I asked Kurogane to hunt for orc meat. Sorry about that, Kurogane…

Still,「We have to make sure to obtain orc meat regularly…!」said everyone and went to the Adventurer’s Guild to place a request… just how much do you want to eat it!?

There’s not only smoked bacon, so let’s smoke other things too, alright!?
About the pseudo-salmon, Sharken, that swims upstream… Mashiro said: “I will go get it!” and returned home(?).

Ah, yeah… Sharken can be cold smoked too… I’m looking forward to the smoked Sharken… no, Ikura is before that, right! Yay! Let’s look forward to it!

Therefore, with Kaguya taking care of the room, I decided to begin the construction of the shed in the rear garden.
… Although I say that, I’m only making use of the Earth magic, see?

Gogogogogo… infusing the soil with magical power, I build walls and roof according to my imagination.

Someway or another, Teacher Marlen taught me the way to use magic properly, so I think I am able to use magic efficiently.
… Well, I was told「Only you would think of making tableware by using Earth magic…」by the astounded Teacher Marlen though.

I, I mean, I just wanted an earthenware pot for rice… however, something like earthenware pots didn’t exist, so I had to make them myself.

At the beginning, the clay was too flimsy, so they immediately became unusable.
It became harder when I imagined the image of hardening, but it became too hard and the pot turned out somewhat flat. It would be unusable if I left it as it was, so I found a person from the mansion’s guards and put on a grip to make it into a shield… (distant look)
「This is an amazing shield!」he was quite pleased with it, so it was all right in the end, I think…

This and that happened and I became able to use the combination of Earth and Fire magic to make the earthenware pots, so I was inquired by Teacher Marlen about how I managed to make it…
I molded it with Earth magic and made it while imagining a climbing kiln! My thoughts couldn’t quite transmit to Teacher Marlen that time…

In my past life, I was taught by a pottery teacher and learned how to make a plate and a teacup. However, I was taught that unlike those, the clay and the prevention of escaping fire have to be different in order to make an earthenware pot. I don’t know the difficult things, but I was imagining a pot that could be used on a fire, so I was wondering whether enchanting it with such function wouldn’t work just fine.
… Enchanting, huh… I had no idea how that worked. I managed to do it unconsciously.

I made a porridge in the newly created pot first just like I did in my past life. Over ten pots of various sizes have already been made. They are used for rice, rice porridge, for stews during the winter.

… Not good, I have derailed from the main topic.
Anyhow, as a result of my great efforts in Earth and Fire magics, I believe that I can use them quite skillfully now. I am able to steadily increase the magical power, so making things with Earth magic has become something like my specialty… I have to write down simple specifications beforehand to clarify the image though.


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