Shomin no Aji – Chapter 178

Making full use of magic to create! Part 2


And thus, the shed that I made was a smallish stone shed that looked like a slightly larger and elegant dog house. Also, it is connected to a pipe that leads to a nearby small box. By properly utilizing this box, it should be possible to do cold, warm, and hot smoking.
Since the takeout slot is still empty, I plan to have a door attached later.

「Fuu… something like this?」

A used a little bit too much of magical power, but it is still at the tolerable level. I will recover after resting for a bit.

『Something that could be made by the servants if ordered… you are quite eccentric too, aren’t you?』

Kaguya said in astonishment while looking at the completed shed from the top of a tree.

Oh well… I would do that if I could somehow manage to explain it orally. I also could have drawn the details on a picture, but… that would be impossible for someone as unskillful in drawing as me… I suck so much that even Galvano Ojisama who is knowledgeable in blueprints was greatly perplexed.

It couldn’t be helped, so I decided to show what I have in mind first, and once people understood what I meant, we would remake a bigger one. I believe this size is enough to provide our meals for the time being.

『Lord, I have returned』
「Oh my, welcome ba… ck? … Say, Kurogane? Are those… Orcs…?」

… There are a few with quite splendid physiques for Orcs, but…?

『It’s Orc General and Orc King. I thought they would taste much more delicious. Of course, I brought several normals Orcs too』

Thud, thud, thud, a mountain of Orcs got warped in front of me.

「Eh…? Wai…!?」

What are we going to do about the dismantling!? Have Shin do his best? Or request dismantling at the Adventurer’s Guild?
Besides, wouldn’t the materials from Orc General and Orc King other than meat yield especially high price!? They even possess magic stones…
What am I going to do if they ask me where they come from…??

『Cristea, I am home~!』
「… Ah, Mashiro welcome ho… me…? … Err, that is?」
『Sharken and~ Queen Sharken and~ King Sharken~! They are yummy, you know?』

A normal salmon-sized Sharken, and excessively large Sharkens thud, thud… no, thump, thump, thump… a mountain appeared in front of me again.

「I, I see… thank you, Mashiro…」
『Ehehe~ you are welcome!』

I can’t say anything to the happily smiling Mashiro… let’s ask him not to overfish again later…

Umm, who is going to handle this…? … Hey, it’s me!
I wonder if we have enough Sharkens for a dismantling show…

First of all, in order to preserve the freshness, I put the Orcs and Sharken into my inventory one after another.
It would be bad if the Sharkens had parasites, so I didn’t forget to instantly freeze them with magic before storing.

Yeah, I will have to expand the smokehouse earlier than I thought, huh…?


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