Shomin no Aji – Chapter 181

I will accompany you!!


「Together to the Adventurer’s Guild? Of course you can’t go. It’s you, so I understand that you are interested in the Adventurer’s Guild, but it’s not like I can take you with me. That place is a den of ruffians after all」

Otousama replied bluntly. Ugugu… you are correct, but…!

「Why? This matter concerns Kurogane and I. How are we going to solve the problem if the concerned people are not there!?」

I, of course, have interest in the Adventurer’s Guild, but in the end, I wouldn’t like the talk progress without my knowing.

「… You should leave this sort of problems to the adults. You obediently wait for me here」
「No way. To decide Kurogane’s and my fate without our knowing… Otousama, if you were in my position, would you be able to consent and obediently wait?」

I am not wrong, right? I have heard from Galvano Ojisama about your mischievous phase during your youth. Haven’t you opposed various arrangements yourself?? It’s not like you don’t understand my feelings, right?

「… Geez, I have spoiled you too much」

Haa, Otousama let out a sigh.

「… Otousama?」
「Get ready. Wear Norman’s old clothes. You would be in danger in lady’s clothes」
「!! Thank you very much! I will prepare right away!!」

Before leaving the office in a hurry in order to prepare, I said Otousama what was on my mind.

「Otousama? You absolutely mustn’t leave without me, okay? I will chase after you with Kurogane and others otherwise, see? No, I will even go ahead and wait for you there!」
「… Seriously, that brain of yours…」

As I thought! He planned to slip out while I was preparing!
I glared at Otousama.

「… Ah geez, quickly prepare. I won’t leave you behind」
「Yes! … You promised, okay!」

This time, I really left the office to prepare myself.
Just as I was closing the door, I heard Otousama mutter「Good grief, who does she take after…」, but I most likely take after you, Otousama? I mean, I wasn’t like this in my past life… I think.

「Otousama, thank you for waiting」
「… For a moment, I mistook you for someone else」

Otousama who turned around and saw me said in astonishment.

I chose the simplest ones from Oniisama’s old clothes, had Kurogane change my hair and eye color to brown, and I stuffed my long hair into a cap, so I look completely like a boy. The attire is too good to look like an average town’s child, so I ended up looking like a young master.
Well, that wouldn’t be a problem by Otousama’s side.

「Fumu, no one will see through you like this」

Alright! I got Otousama’s seal of approval, so let’s leave towards the Adventurer’s Guild!

Otousama? Why have you asked Kurogane「Could you change my appearances with magic some other time as well?」… what are you planning on doing??

… Ahem, let’s leave that for later.
Let’s go! To the Adventurer’s Guild!


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