Shomin no Aji – Chapter 182

We have arrived at the Adventurer's Guild!


… I have completely forgotten, but you have to use carriage in order to get to the town, right!?

Let’s depart to the Adventurer’s Guild~! When I triumphantly opened the door of the mansion, what was waiting there for us was a splendid carriage with the crest of a Ducal house.
… Otousama, you have no intentions of traveling incognito, huh?

「Shady rumors might spread around if we sneak around. In that case, it’s better to go with the pretext of visiting a friend」

That’s reasonable. Otousama would certainly stand out no matter how much he would want to conceal himself…

Thus, I have gone to the town by the shaking carriage after a long time.
At the very least, I was saved by the splendidness of the carriage as the seat cushions were soft, so my butt didn’t hurt. Though nothing could apparently be done about the shaking… ugh.

「Otousama, can’t we warp there the next time?」
「As if there would be a next time, you fool. You can’t steal the drivers’ jobs. In the first place, warping should consume a lot of magical power. Yet you carelessly use it as you please…」

Not hood, he switched into the lecturing mode. Moreover, inside a carriage. There’s no escape…! What have I done!

After that, the eternal fault-finding in the lecturing room that the carriage has become continued until we arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild… uguu.


「Dannasama, we have arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild. We have announced your arrival beforehand, so please wait for a moment」
「Umu. Good work」

Ho… the lecturing time came to an end, yes?
We arrived at last…!
I finally came to the Adventurer’s Guild!
I’m only ten years old so I’m unable to register, but I wanted to see what it was like!

「I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. Guild Master is awaiting you at his office」

The door of the carriage opened and a secretary-like beauty guided us into the building.
The building was made out of stone and gave off a bulky and heavy impression. When we entered inside, I saw some cuts on the wooden floor and the walls, giving off the atmosphere of disorderliness.

However… ku, this smell…! It reeks of men-!
The clubroom of a sports team after their activity!? It stinks like that!
I want to cast Clear magic on everyone here!
In addition, there are old men drinking alcohol at the bar-room within the building… are those guys adventurers too, I wonder… uwaa…

Otousama looks like a refreshing-looking hunk in here, doesn’t he… that’s quite out-of-place in here though. Were you more frivolous during your youth, perhaps?
I glanced at Otousama by my side, but I shouldn’t unnecessarily raise my voice so it wouldn’t get exposed that I am a lady, thus I decided to keep quiet.


「Duke-sama, welcome」

When the Secretary(?)-san knocked on the office’s door, a reply came from inside. Secretary(?)-san opened the door for us, and I entered inside after Otousama.

「Long time no see, Tirie」
「It has been a while, Duke-dono. I’m glad you don’t seem to have changed」

After exchanging greetings, Guild Master looked at me.

「Oh my, oh my. You have brought an unusual guest with you」

Said so the young man with a gentle smile.
I heard that he’s Otousama’s old friend, but they don’t seem close in age.
He’s a youthful, refreshing-looking handsome guy.
He had a silky smooth, straight long green hair and emerald-green eyes.
And, his ears were pointy.

E… eh… Erofu…!? Not that, he’s an Elf–!!!


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