Shomin no Aji – Chapter 183

First encounter with Elf-san.


Uwaa… it’s my first time seeing an Elf…
His ears are really pointy… ah, since he’s an Elf, that means he’s a long-lived, right? That means his age isn’t that much different from Otousama’s?… No, no, he might be way older than that…

But, what is it? He’s supposed to be a refreshing hunk, but how to say it, he feels somewhat off…??

「Is this your first time seeing an Elf?」

Nod, nod. Otousama has not revealed me yet, so I replied without letting my voice out.

「Guild Master, the tea is done. Please call for me if you have any further orders」

Huh, Secretary(?)-san is leaving?

「Now then. It would be better to clear up the people, right?」
「Yeah. If possible, use the soundproofing and barrier magic too」
「Hmmm? Special circumstances, perhaps? … Alright」

Ohh, he did it without a chant?

「Umu, thanks. She looks like this, but this is my daughter Cristea. Cristea, introduce yourself」

Ah, it’s fine? Then…

「It’s nice to meet you for the first time. I am Duke Ellisfeed’s daughter, Cristea」

I don’t have a skirt, but I performed a lady-like greeting.

「Fufu, we have met before, when you were born. You have grown up. It’s nice seeing you. Tirierie Sylfeed is my name. You may call me Tirie」

Tirierieri… Tirie-san said while smiling.

「Oy Tirie, don’t approach Cristea any further!」

Trying to pat my head, Tirie-san extended his hand towards me, but Otousama suddenly grabbed his hand and pulled it away from me.

「Heyy? Isn’t that fine! She won’t get worn-out or anything」

Tirie-san sulkily protested to Otousama.


「Worn-out, she will definitely get worn-out. Various things starting from her soul will get worn-out!」
「That’s crueel! To not let me admire something so cutee!」

Let me go, release me! Tirie-san’s body twisted.


「There are no parents who would let their precious, beloved daughter fall into your clutches!」
「What are you saying, mou! There’s no need to be jealous, you know? I just want to celebrate the cuteness☆」

Ufun, replied Tirie-san with an index finger placed on his cheek.


「Who’s jealous!… Ku! This is why I didn’t want to take you along. Tirie, your true character is resurfacing」
「Oh dear, we met after such a long time, so I unconsciously let it out. But well, isn’t that just fine? It seems like we will be associating with each other for a long time anyway, right? Fufu」

Tirie-san winked while looking at me.


「Rather, I would like to make this the last time, but… it can’t be helped since I have a request for you」
「Oh my, you and I have a good relationship, don’t we? You can rely on me more, you know?」
「Stop saying something that would make Cristea misunderstand! Don’t snuggle up to me!」
「My, how scary. Right? Cristea-chan? He’s a scary Papa, isn’t he?」


The Elf Tirie-san was a Big Sis-like Erofu with refreshing young man appearances? … Seriously?


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