Shomin no Aji – Chapter 184

Let's consult with Guild Master. Part 1


The Guild Master of the Adventurer’s Guild was a womanly Elf man.

I have imagined an uncle… a robust hero with a long military service, so while I was surprised that it was a refreshing young-looking Elf, who could have imagined that he would be an Oneesan inside!?

… And currently, I’m in the middle of being bullied by that Elf… by Tirie-san.

「Ah stop it, don’t move. Fufu, how adorable… I also wanted a daughter like this…」

I would give birth to her if I could… what are you saying? No, no, the long-lived Elves have difficulty bearing children, and first and foremost, this world doesn’t have the technology to change a person’s biology… I won’t insert the tsukkomi here though.

Such Tirie-sama is bullying me by playing with my hair. He’s super elaborate, he weaved my hair into detailed pigtails… oohhh, even Miria isn’t this elaborate…

Please let me style you before I hear your request! I obediently accepted when asked, but Otousama seems to be at his limit.

「… If you feel satisfied, could we get down the business right about now?」

Otousama was looking at us with irritation. He seemed unable to stomach that Tirie-san is touching me, but also apparently enduring because I was getting more lovelier.

「N~ geez, how boorish. I’m putting my efforts to make her look adorable, so wait until I finish」
「Cristea is plentily sweet just how she is. Stop it already and let’s get down the business」

Nuoo…! Otousama, stop saying something so embarrassing so smoothly, all right!?

「Geez… oh well. Look, it’s done. I made it cutely if I say so myself」

Ufufu, he finally released me while smiling. Hoh.

「Now then, let’s cut to the chase then?」
「Haa… we came here with an earnest request, but…」

It might be a mistake that we came here, but please stop muttering to yourself! My future is on the line, you know!?

「What are you saying, you and I are friends, there’s no need to be reserved」
「In fact, we are total strangers」
「Geez, how cold of you. Well, that’s one of your good points though」
「You shut up and listen for a little… actually, I came to consult with you about Cristea…」


「Haa… is that so? Cristea-chan formed a contract with a Sacred Beast, huh… and twice at that…」

Heeee… he looked at Mashiro and Kurogane who were standing behind me. These two couldn’t do anything while I was being bullied, so they are still unable to hide their displeasure. There, there, we came to consult about a matter concerning you two, so be friendly.


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