Shomin no Aji – Chapter 185

Let's consult with Guild Master. Part 2


「… Say, isn’t that bad? You have managed to turned down the engagement with Prince Ray in the past, right? I wonder if this wouldn’t be a good material to bring up the matter of the engagement again?」
「… Precisely」

Otousama, your glabella greatly wrinkled up, you know!? Calm down!?

「… If you understand that, then you should have kept it secret from me as well. You understand that it is my duty as the Guild Master to make a report about those who contract Sacred Beasts, right? 」
「Yeah, I wanted you to conceal it if possible… Tirie, I want your cooperation」
「… That depends on the details」
「In fact, today, Kurogane-sama went hunting for Orcs, but the Orc General and Orc King were among his prey. Since it’s like that, I had no choice but to report to you, see?」

Otousama replied sourly.

「… Ah, come to think of it, there was such a report. That the Orc Village we were cautious of suddenly became completely vacant… was that perhaps done by Kurogane-sama?」
「… I fear that it’s likely that」

Yes, it’s surely like that.
So the Adventurer’s Guild has already noticed that a swarm of Orcs disappeared, huh…

「I see… in fact, we have received a report just recently that stated that a community of Orcs was discovered during the forest exploration. And yet, it was completely empty with signs of battle when we scouted it out today, so the entire Guild was confused. We were thinking whether a stronger monster than an entire Orc swarm appeared and thus caused them to flee. That’s why, I was about to leave to consult with the Feudal Lord… you, if you could request the dispatch of the Knights Order before that monster attacked the town. I felt relief when you came instead」

Ohhh… it somehow turned serious… I, I’m truly sorry about my children…

「I see… I’m convinced if Fenrir-sama was the one who exterminated them」

Tirie-san cast a side-long glance at Kurogane.
Ugh… what a casual gesture, this person… rather, why is it that he’s looking at Kurogane’s human form as if trying to lick him all over!?
Please, don’t lock-on Kurogane just yet, okay!?

「It’s only natural. It’s easy for me to dispose of a swarm no matter the size. Also, I might be a Fenrir, but I got a splendid name of Kurogane that is also the proof of the bond with my Lord. You should remember it」

Hmph, Kurogane answered Tirie-san’s passionate gaze with a smug face.
Yeah, he’s working normally. As expected of Kurogane. He’s not even bothered by the amorous glances the Elven man is casting at him…


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