Shomin no Aji – Chapter 186

Let's consult with Guild Master. Part 3


「… Fuun, as expected. Currently, there haven’t been any reports of Fenrir-sama’s… Kurogane-sama’s sightings, but…」
「Naturally. I know that Lord would be sad if people got involved. Thus, I started only after wide scope search for people signs with Search magic」

Ohh… for Kurogane to be able to be this considerate… good boy! You overdid it with the extermination though!

「Oh my, is that so… in that case, was there a need to report it to the Guild Master, me? We wouldn’t know if you kept silent after all」

Huh? What Tirie-san is saying is reasonable. Since there wasn’t anyone who has seen Kurogane, wouldn’t it be better to keep it a secret!?

「Well, the Guild would be needlessly put out the net of caution, so it helps」

Ah, I see… if they didn’t know about Kurogane, they would be on alert against an unknown monster… not good, I’m not good in various ways. Dejected.

「Because the strict regulations wouldn’t be lifted until the cause has been investigated, it would pointlessly burden the Knights and the Guild. Our fief can’t afford that. Besides, at this rate, Kurogane-sama and others won’t be able to hunt to their satisfaction. I would like to avoid that」

… Otousama, you have thought about it properly, huh… I certainly wouldn’t be moving alone in our fief.
… I feel like the last remark was about bacon though.

「Hmm… I’m thankful that there’s no need to be vigilant now that we know the reason. We don’t have to secure more hands as precaution. But, how do we explain it…」

Hou… Tirie-san let out a sigh. Hmm, each of his actions is picturesque, isn’t it…

「That’s not all. I also came to consult about the matter of handling the Orc General and Orc King」
「Ah, I see… the better the quality of the materials the more carefully you would want to be with the dismantling, so you would have to commission a professional…」

It would be like that after all. Shin who can do a little dismantling refused to even touch the high-ranked orcs after all…

「So, here’s the deal. Register Kurogane-sama as an adventurer and let him start from a high rank」

Ha? Make Kurogane an adventurer? What does he mean?


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