Shomin no Aji – Chapter 187

Let's consult with Guild Master. Part 4


「Ahh… using the grade-skip system, huh?」

Eh? What’s that?
Noticing me who was blankly staring, Tirie-san explained with a wry smile.

「You see, you normally start at the lowest rank when you become an adventurer, but if you are a Knight, you would be doing all these low-rank requests like collecting the herbs or subjugating goblins. Restraining someone capable by these rules would be a waste of time, so with the letter of recommendation from the Feudal Lord or the Knight Commander, the Guild can upgrade one’s rank in one go depending on the examination results. That’s what we want to put to use」

Still, why does Kurogane have to become an adventurer?

「Umu. We will have Kurogane-sama’s human form register as a high-ranked adventurer and make it that he subjugated the swarm of Orcs by himself after coincidentally encountering them…」
「That’s the case. You will be able to buy the dismantling and sell the materials like that」
「We will turn over all materials except meat」
「I appreciate that. We have a shortage of stock for the winter, so I would like if you could sell a bit of the low-ranked Orc meat to us as well if possible… 」
「It’s a deal then」

I see. Otousama wants to register Kurogane in the Guild as a Knight-raised adventurer and have the surroundings recognize that Kurogane subjugated the swarm of Orcs himself. That way, we will be able to get them dismantled. With the human form Kurogane registered in the Guild, Tirie-san will be able to zip up his mouth regarding the Sacred Beasts matter. The compensation for that is… the materials of the game Kurogane hunts… I think?

「After registering in the Guild, Kurogane-sama will take a long-period contract as Cristea’s guard, all right?」
「That’s fine, but… If a Stampede were to occur or a high-ranked monster appears, we will have him cooperate, okay?」
「I can’t do anything about that unless the Lord, Cristea, gives her permission, but… Cristea, it’s our duty as nobles to protect our fief and country. I believe there would be times when you will have to send Kurogane-sama for the subjugation, can you do it?」

Ugh… if you say it like that then I won’t be able to say no. I will decline if it’s a war though…

「Kurogane… is that fine?」
「Fighting in the human form is not my specialty, but… anytime, if it’s Lord’s request」
「Thank you, Kurogane」
「This was originally caused by me anyway. It can’t be helped」

Oh, he’s self-conscious that this is his fault?

「Besides, my senses will get numb if I don’t move occasionally. It will become a good work-out」

… Kurogane, were you perhaps having fun hunting the Orcs?
I’m begging you, restrain yourself next time, okay?

「Ufufu, what a wonderful Knight you have, Cristea-chan」
「Knight, you say…」

He’s an uninvited one though, you see?

「Cristea, I will protect, so I am, Cristea’s Knight!」

Uooh. Mashiro embraced me from behind and caused me to sway.

「My, my. Holy Bear Mashiro-sama… was it, right? How nice must it be to have two wonderful Knights, Cristea-chan~」

Both are uninvited though, alright??
Tirie-san is laughing, he definitely finds it amusing, doesn’t he?


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