Shomin no Aji – Chapter 188

Let's consult with Guild Master. Part 5


It’s fine to register Kurogane in the Adventurer’s Guild, but there’s something I’m curious about, so I decided to ask about it.

「Umm… Otousama? You have said that once I enroll into the academy, the fact about me having contracted Kurogane and Mashiro would get exposed, right? If that’s the case, what will happen with Kurogane’s Adventurer registration?」

I mean, a Sacred Beast being an adventurer? The hell is that!? Wouldn’t it turn into such situation?

「… Fumu, let’s see. At that time, “The adventurer without a single relative, Kurogane”-sama passed away during his duty of protecting Cristea. After that, the Sacred Beast Kurogane-sama would secretly take on the “Adventurer Kurogane’s” appearances, and continue protecting Cristea according to his dying wish… how about something like that?」
「Right… the Sacred Beast accepted the will of the guard who died protecting Cristea-chan, and my humble self had no idea about the contract because of that… if we say something like that, we might, more or less, falsify the time of the contract」

Tirie-san added to Otousama’s point and somehow, this started stinking of a third-rate drama…

However… to come up with such grand lie… good job!?
But, if this lie gets exposed, wouldn’t it be really bad… is this really all right!?
… It’s Otousama we are talking about, so he will surely do a good job at deceiving… I hope.

Fumu, if it turns out like this, then Kurogane’s activity will be quite short… well, if our contract gets exposed, I feel like orders will march upon us… I wouldn’t like that.

「Still, why did Kurogane-sama come to feel like exterminating a swarm of Orcs?」

Tirie-san, you are asking quite the right question, aren’t you?

「Ah… that’s…」

Kurogane glanced at Otousama. Haha…

「Erm… I have requested Orc meat for cooking, but Kurogane was too enthusiastic so…」
「My goodness… being enthusiastic for the sake of his beloved master is inevitable, isn’t it?」

Tirie-san said while wryly smiling.

「Umu. It’s only natural of wanting to bring the best for your Lord」

Kurogane, what are you nodding with a self-satisfied face for…
Well, I would be happy if you brought lots for me too~ I haven’t said anything like that, but… who would have thought he would exterminate the entire swarm!? I thought he would bring 10 at most, you know? …
Eh? That’s still too many?

… Let’s specify how many I need the next time.
Both Kurogane and Mashiro apparently don’t have the words「Moderately」and「taking it easy」in their dictionaries…
This world doesn’t have anything like a dictionary in the first place though.


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