Shomin no Aji – Chapter 190

Well prepared means no worries! You know?


「I won’t allow Cristea become an adventurer, all right? We are going to leave if you want to continue talking about that」
「N~ geez, I understand… so? What is that thing? Orc Meat? … It seems a bit different from salt-pickled meat…」

Tirie-san tilted his head while looking at the block of bacon.

「This is a new product Cristea has come up with, Bacon」
「Bacon? … Eh, a new product!?」

Tirie-san looked at the bacon with eyes full of expectations.

「Cristea, explain」
「Y, yes! This is a salt-pickled Orc meat processing with smoke」
「… Smoke? Wouldn’t the meat stink of smoke if you did something like that?」
「No, that’s not the case. Rather, depending on the smoke, its flavor would deepen. Moreover, I heard that the smoking works as a preservative」
「He won’t understand its real worth without trying it. Give him a try」
「Yes… ah, I should heat it…」

Saying such, I took out a knife, frying pan and a portable magic stove from my Inventory.

「… You, are you walking around with that?」
「Eh? Yes. I thought it would be convenient at times like these」

I found it regrettable at the port town because I had no cookware with me, so I decided to add a cookware with general seasonings and a portable magic stove in my Inventory.
I also have an iron plate ready for seafood barbecue or seafood yakisoba.
Of course, learning from the experience of falling into the water, I didn’t forget to have a change of clothes and a blanket ready as well.

「Bu…! Awa, ahahahahahaha! C, Cristea-chan you are an amusing one, aren’t you! For an Ojousama to carry a cookware around…!」

I don’t know what was so funny, but Tirie-san burst into laughter…
I, it’s “Well prepared means no worries” alright!? It’s useful now, see!?

「Kuku… it seems like I wouldn’t miss a meal if I were with Cristea-chan, right?」
「You think so?」

Well, sure. I always think of meals. I would collect materials, pick herbs and hunt in a way or another too…
I answered while cutting the bacon.

「Ah~… I want you in the Advneturer’s Guild more and more. I guarantee that you would be in a great demand as a party member. How about it?」
「Not going to happen, absolutely not! I won’t let you encourage Cristea!」
「… I will think about it」
「Cristea! I won’t allow you to become an adventurer, you hear me!?」

Otousama, no need to worry, I can be helpful at least as a cook, you know?
… Ah, there’s Kurogane and Mashiro too, so would I become an excessive fighting strength instead…?

While thinking such, I threw the bacon into the frying pan. There’s no need for oil as bacon itself contains plenty of it, so it will get nicely crunchy.
Ah~… the delicious fragrance… I’ve become hungry. It would be nice if we could go have a meal somewhere with Otousama after this… should I try asking him?

… Gulp…

N? What was that sound just now?

When the focused on cooking me turned around, I saw Tirie-san, Otousama and even Mashiro with Kurogane fixedly looking at me. No, at the bacon, to be accurate.

… This might not be enough, so it might be better to fry a little more…


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