Shomin no Aji – Chapter 193

Guild Master was overbearing.


In the meantime, Kurogane’s Guild Card has been completed, so he received it and we decided to close the matter.

「Cristea-chan, come again, okay? I will have people let you pass immediately to my office if you come with Kurogane-sama」

Ohh, a free pass, huh.

「Cristea, I believe you understand, but you are forbidden from entering the Adventurer’s Guild, all right?」

Eehhh~! Isn’t that oppression or something?

「Hey! Aren’t you oppressing her too much like that? Besides, are you intending to let Kurogane-sama leave the home and come to the Adventurer’s Guild alone?」

Tirie-san objected. That’s right, that’s right! Tell him more!

「As if I let Cristea go to this gathering place of ruffians. Cristea, make sure to call over this fellow if you have a bussiness」

Eh? Summoning the Guild Master is a bit…

「Look here? I might look like this but I’m also busy, you know? I’m the Guild Master after all」


「Cristea, what if you called him over during the mealtime or tea break?」
「I will come with pleasure!」

H, how calculating-!

But certainly, it would be better than that filthy, agonizing place… if I had to stay in there for a longer time, I wouldn’t be able to stand it and ended up casting Clear magic on the entire floor.

Besides, I took off the hat because it was obstructing and I would also like to let Miria see these cute, weaved pigtails. Those two are definitely kindred spirits in this area.

「Also! Aren’t you going to drink with Galvano soon? Call me for that too, okay!?」
「I have invited him over to thank him for taking care of things for Cristea」

Was that so? In that case, I will have to put all my skills to use for Galvano Ojisama, right? … But, Otousama, you are brimming with intentions to drink, aren’t you?? It’s not just to thank him, right!? You won’t deceive me! Otousama is always suffering because of me, so I should thank both of them! I’m always in your care!

「Isn’t that just fine! I have a pile of things to talk about so invite me as well! Otherwise, I will come together with Galvano!」
「There’s no way we would let uninvited people on our premises, right?」
「Geez! Don’t be so mean to me!」
「Ow, ouch! I got it! I got it already, so release me!」

… Tirie-san is overbearing, isn’t he?
He looked feminine when clapping on Otousama’s back, but the sounds resounding were incredibly loud though…? I wonder if Otousama’s back didn’t turn blue already…
If they weren’t friends, wouldn’t this be enough to charge him for violence?

「Yay~! I’m looking forward to it!」

Tirie-san who couldn’t hide his happiness winked my way.
I thought that I shouldn’t oppose Tirie-san too much while nodding at him.

「… Seriously, this is why I don’t like coming here」

… I understand why Otousama doesn’t like coming here. But, I also understood that the two do get along quite well.

Like this, I became friends with an adult. It feels somewhat nice.

I won’t say anything about making a hundred friends when I enter the academy, but it would be nice to make friends like Otousama~!


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