Shomin no Aji – Chapter 194

Guild Master's and Shin's old story.


「… well, that’s what happened」

I, who have returned to the mansion has gone to the kitchen to make preliminary preparations for the bacon.

The Orc General, Orc King, and several Orc bodies were entrusted to the Guild. Tirie-san is going to bring them after the dismantling, on the banquet day.

I have requested Shin to take care of a few normal Orcs before going to the Adventurer’s Guild, so I’m preparing that.

While working, I found out that Shin was acquainted with Tirie-san, so we talked about happenings in the Adventurer’s Guild.
By the way, I have cast soundproof magic so the surroundings wouldn’t hear us.

「Ahh… Tirie-san, huh. That person will give all of his heart for the people he’s close with, so it will take you aback when you see it for the first time」

Kuku said Shin while continuing to chuckle.

「So you knew about that side of Tirie-san?」
「Yes, he was a Guild Master during my Tousan’s and Kaasan’s adventuring days too. He has taken care of us a lot after Tousan passed away. I have learned dismantling after being introduced to it by him. Because I was too little to go outside for herb collecting, I have helped around the down with dismantling and sweeping the Guild’s floor in order to earn a small change while Kaasan was handling requests」

Hee~ I was wondering how he knew dismantling, so there was such a story.

「Kaasan couldn’t keep being an adventurer after receiving an injury during a request, so she got employed in the dining hall where we worked together」

Hohou, so that’s how he learned to cook, huh?

「It reached the point where I could register as an adventurer too after Kaasan passed away, but I had no intentions of becoming one, so I decided to set my eyes on becoming a chef, but Guild Master took care of me in many ways during that time as well」

No way… Tirie-san wasn’t just a mere Big Sis-like Erofu-san?

「We met after a long time when I went to place a request for Orc meat, but that person doesn’t change」

Well, he’s an Elf after all. His appearances wouldn’t change just after a few years, would they?

「… He was quite affectionate to me when I was little, but after his body touch became quite extreme that one time, Kaasan told me “Find another job before you grow up!” I somehow understand her meaning now… I thought the stern adventurers were keeping a distance from him because he was extremely strong, but I understood various things by now… you be careful too, all right? He’s a person who’s extremely fond of cute things after all」

Said Shin with a distant look.
Yeah, I know. Rather, I think you are quite slow for not noticing Tirie-san’s disposition for so long, you know? Your Okaasan protected you dearly, didn’t she!?

Tirie-san…! Even though you were finally considered a good person after so much effort, you just had to spoil the moment with your desires, didn’t you!?

Tirie-san is a Big Sis-like Erofu-san who can’t keep himself in check, huh… let’s be more careful. Yeah.


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