Shomin no Aji – Chapter 197

Cooling down is important.


The next day, I went for a stroll.
I have finished the Orc meat and Sharken preparations after the visit to the Adventurer’s Guild yesterday, so I think a carefree walk without having to think about anything once in a while is good.
… That’s just an excuse. I had no confidence in getting involved with the mountain of Ikura in the kitchen.
Just a little okay…? A little bit more… ahh, I can’t stop! Such development is way too easy to imagine.

Yeah, I should spend this quiet time occasionally, shouldn¨t I?

「Oh? Lord, that mushroom is delicious」
「Eh? Which one!?」
「This one. It tastes really good when boiled」
「You mean it could be used for dashi? Woah! There are so many of them! … Ah」

I hate the gluttony that made me immediately retrieve a basket from my Inventory and start picking the mushrooms…

The carefree stroll has abruptly become a picking time… but, my hand won’t stop.
When I hear delicious, there’s no “not going to eat” choice.

I’m grateful to Kurogane and his appraisal who allowed me to distinguish edible wild grasses and mushrooms.
If I had a worry then that would be discovering and picking the edible wild grasses and mushrooms without thinking after enrolling into the academy…

If, even though I might be a joke, Duke Ellisfeed’s daughter would kneel in front of what would seem like a weed from outsider’s perspective and started pulling it out while saying「This is very delicious, you know? Ah! That mushroom has aphrodisiac effects…」, that would be the day of my end…
I have no doubt that this:「As I thought, the daughter of Duke Ellisfeed was a repulsive food eating lady」would be everyone’s impression of me…

No… well, I am already being called repulsive food eating lady, so I really can’t help but worry about it.

I mean, wouldn’t you want to be defended「She’s not repulsive food eating lady! She’s a wonderful lady!」by your newly made friends?

I try to imagine that scene.

… Yeah, that’s impossible!
Doesn’t it look like my true colors would be exposed rather quickly!?
… It’s finemon, I will go look around for tasty things with Oniisama or Mashiro and others during the weekends.

… Ugh, I want girl friends of the same age. I want to eat sweets together while giggling and chuckling…

Otousama and others are under impression that I have a girl friend of the same age in Sei, but nope!
Sei is (pretty much) a boy friend of mine and a comrade in loving Yahatul (Japanese) food.

Ah, I could go around the restaurants with Sei… oh, that’s not good. He’s going to enroll as a boy, so the two of us can’t be seen outside together as we are not engaged. Moreover, if Oniisama found out that Sei is the Bastea Company’s Ichima-san, he would surely scold me severely.

It would be unnatural for us to be together unless the two of us will be going to the same class… I will have to bring everyne’s gifts in secret via warp.

Before that, I will have to let Sei, Byakko-sama and others eat many delicious things, huh.


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