Shomin no Aji – Chapter 199

I won't force you.


「Ufufu, the long-cherished Donburi~♪」

I hummed while stirring a heap of Ikura.

「… Hey, that’s… from the yesterday’s fish… Sharken, was it? Do you not need to cook it on fire?」

Shin asked with a doubtful look in his eyes.
Shin’s trauma caused by raw eggs still seems to be in a good health.

Although the people who challenged the raw and soft-boiled eggs increased recently thanks to my propaganda… Shin obstinately won’t eat it. Well, it would look scary when your close friend suffered because of that.

But I know. Head Chef was deliciously eating Tama Kake Gohan and insisted that「Chefs have to ascertain the potential of ingredients!」and Shin was wavering since then. I believe that he needs just one more little push.

「I’m telling you it’s fine! I had Kurogane appraise it for me and he told me that there’s nothing dangerous about it」
「Kurogane-sama did…」

That’s right. After His Highness the Crown Prince returned to the capital, we wanted to keep Mashiro’s, Kurogane’s and Kaguya’s existences secret from everyone, but I thought they would be pitiful like that… so, I publicly announced it to everyone in the mansion.

Aside from Kaguya in her cat form, the three couldn’t freely leave the room, and would go for stroll only when my room was to be cleaned and that was all…

Of course, I properly asked everyone to keep it secret from outside.
Otousama「If the world gets to know about this, Cristea will have to become one of the royal family, which will possibly force her to leave us. In case something like that happens, I believe we won’t be able to eat the next of Cristea’s new delicious meals that easily」gave a heads-up(?). Thanks to that, everyone’s union grew stronger.
Wow~ I’m glad, I’m glad.

Thanks to that, everyone is aware of Kurogane and the existence of his appraisal, so I believe that people will be able to safely eat when he gives his approval.

「I guarantee its deliciousness. Give it a try if you feel like it」

While that might be true, I won’t force anyone, so I can only recommend giving it a try without being pushy.
I believe that giving it a try by your own will is important.

「… Yeah, I got it」

Oh? What an unexpected reply. Yeah, when you feel like it is good, isn’t it? Being forceful is forbidden!


「… Cristea. Just what is this supposed to be?」

Otousama was at loss because of the Ikura Donburi in front of him.
He has never eaten Ikura before, so he must be bewildered by the unfamiliar orange beads in front of him.

「These are the eggs of Sharken… Ikura on rice」

How do I explain Ikura in this world? It might be a good chance to call them eggs to make them recognize as such.

「Ikura…? Sharken eggs, you said?」
「Yes. They are eggs taken from females of Sharken marinated in soy sauce. Kurogane’s appraisal came out as safe, so please eat up without worries. Also…」

Not only the Ikura Donburi, I want him to experience the salmon itself.

「This is Sharken Shabu-shabu. You dip the sliced fish in the pot with dashi like this… let it lightly cook, then dip in this ponzu… pickle juice and eat. The meat will fall apart if you cook it for too long, so please be careful, okay? Choose any vegetables you like」

Right, there are still people who would avoid the raw Sashimi, so I tried making Shabu-shabu. I have eaten Buri and Hamachi Shabu-shabu in my past life, so I thought that Sharken would also be good. This was adjusted to my preferences, and I believe its taste will be close to raw.

Now then, I have finished explaining.
I can’t endure anymore!



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