Shomin no Aji – Chapter 2

What was the cue for recalling the past life again?


A serene early afternoon. I was enjoying the scenery in a certain gazebo in a beautifully done garden while having a black tea and eating a cake.

Just until a little while ago, I have received a practical skill lecture from the magic studies teacher… ahhh, so tired. I will do my best in magic! And so the Spartan education began… fufu… the garden is so pretty… (escaping from reality)

Ah~ I want to eat manjuu with a green tea. I rather dumblings over flowers. Rather than very sweet cake, I’d rather something with moderate sweetness. Wagashi love.

If there’s a black tea, it would be possible to make a green tea too, right… green tea, is there none? Ah, if it’s a barley tea, then even I could roast it with fire magic? I wonder if I could do it once my fire magic precision increases? Alright, I made up a reason to increase my motivation for magic studies, didn’t I!?

If there were anko and adzuki… let’s ask the head chef next time.

Ahh, how I yearn for sweets from my past life.


Come to think of it, what was the cue for recalling my past life’s memories?

The common thing is hitting the head and suddenly remembering… or, serves you right scene on the day of judgment… or other light novel standards, but… hmm, hmm… it wasn’t anything that devastating, was it?
Although it happened five days ago, my memory is still in disorder.

「Hey, Miria. I have something I want to ask, but… what happened on the day I collapsed and got a fever? I can’t seem to remember well…」

Ask Miria when in trouble. Miria who grasps my movements on a stalker level will surely know.

「On the day you collapsed… is it? That day, didn’t you go shopping with me and the guards for the first time in town after Master yielded to you? Cristea-sama has been in too high spirits… I’m very sorry. Because of me… I let you go until you caught a fever, I fail as a maid」

I soothed Miria who started tearing up in a panic.

「That can’t be, it’s not Miria’s fault! I… shouldn’t have been frolicking so much」

I remembered that day while I was saying that.

That’s right. That day, Otousama approved of letting me go shopping in the town for the first time.
Because I’m a daughter of a Duke, there’s a danger of being abducted, so I can’t simply go outing. Everybody is not so free to send so many guards just for my sake alone. Still, I have yearned to see the town I heard so much about from Miria and other maids who also occasionally bring me cute souvenirs and some small sweets which made me really happy. I have finally received a permission from Otousama after thoroughly pestering him.

I triumphantly went incognito in clothes of a town girl (although I say that, it was a cute one-piece dress of a merchant’s ojousama), Miria was slightly further away with the guards (there were apparently quite a lot of guards further where I couldn’t see them).

Everything I saw in the town was fresh for me, it was only reasonable that I was in high spirits. I bought cute accessories from a general store, I even bought a souvenir for Otousama, Okaasama, and Oniisama. (They were very pleased when I gave it to them and scolded me for being too much in high spirits)
I also didn’t forget to buy sweets for every servant. (It appears that everyone gratefully ate them. (I will treasure it! Part of the people said so, but that would be wasteful, so they ate it after I persuaded them)
Then, I decided to go to the market.
That’s right. That was the place of the shocking encounter. Why did I forget something so important! Stupid, stupid!


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