Shomin no Aji – Chapter 200

The long-cherished taste! Part 1


Ahh… I can taste the long-cherished Ikura Donburi at last!
Chomp. Chew, chew…

D… deli~sh!

Dangerous, this is too dangerous…!

I eat, I eat yet can’t reach the rice, so much Ikura… what a euphoria…

Everytime one of the beads pop, a melting flavor spreads through my mouth. And when you set rice in pursuit… it’s unbearable!
The chopped perilla I can occasionally taste feels refreshing, doing a good job, aren’t you…
Haaa… the hand that holds the spoon won’t stop…

I prepared spoons this time after thinking that everyone might find it difficult to eat with chopsticks, but I really want to use chopstics so much! Clack, clack, clack, you know!
Ahh… I will do it alone in secret next time! Definitely!

Whoopsie… I should get some Sharken Shabu-shabu too.

I took the thinly sliced Sharken and submerged it into the dashi pot… it would be too wasteful to cook it for long, so it’s essential to finish swiftly.

The ponzu from freshly squeezed citruses really matches well the soy sauce.
Ahh… Sashimi would be good too, but this is also quite… vegetable Shabu-shabu is good because you can eat lots of it!

Then, the Ikura Donburi explodes in my mouth once again… ahh, happiness…

「This is… deliciousness exceeding my imagination…!」

Oh? Otousama seems to like the Ikura Donburi too? I thought you would like it… fufu.

「Mu, this is not good. There’s not enough Ikura…」

Ah… you weren’t able to distribute the portions of rice correctly, right? Fufufu… I got that covered, so it isn’t a problem!

「Otousama, I have prepared more Ikura, so add as much as you’d like」
「… ! Well done, Cristea! This is… I’m perplexed over how much do I put in…」

Otousama stared at Ikura with sparkling eyes.

Ain’t it alright…? Take as much as you want.
Is what I would like to say, but unless you take it a moderate amount, you will be now missing the rice and fall into an infinite loop, see? I won’t let you leave any Ikura!

「Just the right amount, so you wouldn’t have any leftovers. There’s still the Shabu-shabu, so get a moderate amount, okay?」

Otousama is the type who eats as much of the food he likes as possible…
As for me, I like to balance the things while eating, so I recommended the Shabu-shabu.
I think that switching from Shabu-shabu and Ikura Donburi is really great.

「Ohh, that’s right… like this, I wonder… did I cook it for too long? … No, this is… yeah, good! … This time… like this? … Umu, this is better」

Fumu. From the looks of it, Otousama quickly got grasp of it and near raw state is his preference. Yeah, it looks like I could recommend that…


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