Shomin no Aji – Chapter 201

The long-cherished taste! Part 2


「Umm… Otousama. In fact, this Sharken is safe to eat raw. It’s delicious when you place it like this on the Donburi and eat it together」

Fufufu… Sharken Oyakodon.

「Wha…! R, raw… you say?」
「Yes, I have confirmed with Kurogane’s appraisal that it’s safe to eat even raw. It tastes good cooked as Shabu-shabu, but I would like you to experience how the fat of the Sharken melts on top of your tongue, so please try it raw by all means」

I took a small piece of Sharken on top of the Ikura Donburi and ate it in front of Otousama who flinched when told it can be eaten raw.

Fuaaaa… Ikura Donburi is delicious too, but it’s an extravagance when it’s joined by Sashimi! The sensation of fat melting on top of the tongue is entrancing…

I thought that he would want to give it a try after seeing me enjoying it with closed eyes.

「… Is this really safe when eaten raw?」
「Yes. I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t have confidence in Kurogane’s appraisal skill, but…」

I glanced at Kurogane at the side.

「As Lord said, this is safe to eat raw. Well, I won’t force you to eat it」
「N, no! Since Kurogane-sama says it’s safe to eat, then I feel relieved! I, I will eat it!」

Otousama picked up a small piece of Sharken and put it into his mouth.

「… This is…! It’s as good when cooked… no, isn’t this even tastier! Yeah, this could be eaten together with Ikura and it’s good on its own!」

That’s right, it’s delicious even raw. Also, the fat will melt on warm surfaces which is an unexplainable deliciousness, but I’m going to announce it today.
I would like to make Sushi in the near future.

Otousama ate everything in a great vigor and asked for another serving of rice.
Ah! Otousama, please eat the Shabu-shabu and vegetables too!

As for Okaasama’s reaction,「It smelt of fish at first, but I came to like it and can recommend it」it was something like this. She’s weak with fishiness.
As she ate Shabu-shabu deliciously, it seemed she was avoiding eating it raw after all.
There are many other ways to eat Sharken, so I will make various things. I’m sure she will like other dishes besides the stew.
Eating Shabu-shabu is fun and I would like to do it again, so I will start looking for a Buri-like fish next.
Of course, Orc meat Shabu-shabu is also planned for the next time.

And of course, Ikura Donburi was greatly popular with Mashiro.

「You see, you see, Cristea? I would like to eat Ikura Don again?」I was pleaded afterward. Leave it to meee! Mashiro brought back a lot of Sharken after all!

Kurogane and Kaguya naturally didn’t eat Ikura nor Sharken before, so they ate deliciously.
Fufu, I will make it again, okay?

Bacon and Sharken, I should let Sei and others have a taste by all means, right?
I’m looking forward to Byakko-sama’s and others’ reactions. Ufufufufu.


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