Shomin no Aji – Chapter 202

Dessert and secret of Otousama's figure.


The after meal dessert was a ponzu-like Sherbet with fruit.
I thought its refreshing flavor was a good choice to counter Sharken’s fishy smell.
I prepared matcha ice cream for those bad with sour.

「Hou? The refreshing flavor of this Sherbet is nice」
「Yes, I’m also fond of this refreshingness」

Isn’t that right, isn’t that right?

「However, this much is not enough. Can I have the matcha ice cream too? Vanilla one too if you have it」

Eh… Otousama? You plan on eating more even though you already ate that much!?
Sure you are a glutton, but you better not get the metabolic syndrome, alright!?

However, his belly mysteriously doesn’t grow. Where does his firm, slim body come from, I wonder… what a mystery.
Does his belly not come out because he has abs, is it something like that?

「Otousama always eats so much but you don’t get fat, don’t you?」

When I unconsciously let out the words I wanted to ask, not only Otousama, but even Okaasama stiffened. Otousama put down the Sherbet on the table while making an expression of being taken aback.
Oops… he probably wanted seconds… I did something inexcusable.

「… That’s right. If I had to say, then I have a constitution that makes it difficult for me to get fat」

Ah… Otousama. Such statement with a timing like this is not good! Okaasama will surely glare at you!?
I might have sown a seeds of discord without thinking… awawa.

「But, that’s definitely not a good thing」

According to Otousama’s story, his magical power was also large, although not as large as me, during his childhood and when he ignored hunger while absorbed in playing, his magical power got quickly depleted. Hence, his attendants apparently always carried snacks on them to let him eat. Besides, I have been always hungry in my youth, Otousama narrated earnestly.

All the energy he ate expended with magical power…? Does that mean? In that case, Otousama has a bad fuel consumption… huh?

Now that I think about it, I have a memory of constantly being fed high calory things when I was small… I thought that was the way of nobles, but it seems I was wrong.

In the past, I thought the food was unappetizing partly because I found them too bland.
However, since recalling my past life’s memories, I improved the meal circumstances, and the number of meals I had also considerably increased at the same time, I think.
Even if I assumed it was my growth period.

Despite all that, I have not grown horizontally at all and only grew a little bit vertically, didn’t I? … I have a certain feeling I did.

… Is my fuel consumption poor just like Otousama’s because of my large magical power…?
… That means, I won’t grow and stay a shorty all my life… doesn’t that seem like the case…? … Isn’t that bad?

Currently, I would like to hear that I’m slender, but in short, I have tiny boobs. It’s fine as long as I am still a child, but it wouldn’t be a joke if I stayed like this when I become older.

When thinking of the stereotypical figures of Japanese people, the current me has various potentials…
How did it turn out like this…

… Let’s do my best at magical power control practice tomorrow… I might be able to grow a little if the magical power in my body moves efficiently.

It iwll be fine, I have Okaasama’s blood in me after all.
It will be the end only if I give up!
I won’t give up my dream of having boin, kyu, boin! nice body!

Erm, what exercises were there for breast and waist enhancement…

I ate up the Sherbet and matcha ice cream while thinking such.


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