Shomin no Aji – Chapter 203

Cristea's morning.


「Oopsy… daisy」

The next morning. After hearing Otousama’s story last night, I promptly began a morning yoga as part of my magical power control practice.
I thought that it might be good for the circulation of magical power.

In my past life’s office lady days, I went for Pilates, and did morning yoga on the roof under the sun before going to the work, and then I was late for work… I did something like that, yes.
I had to blame it on fever…
Relying on the memories from that time, I took a pose that came to my mind.

However, since I borrowed Oniisama’s slightly larger trousers… it’s difficult to move.
Let’s request Miria to make me track suit from a soft fabric…
I don’t think the materials for jersey could be explained… my past life’s techniques were all way superior now that I think about it, weren’t they?

『Cristea, what are you doing~?』

Mashiro asked me who was doing the warrior pose.

… How am I supposed to answer that? Moreover, isn’t it a little embarrassing to be asked that while doing yoga?

「Err you see, this is an exercise called yo… I thought of doing exercises every morning in order to improve my control of magical power and health」
『… Hmmm. Me too』
「Mashiro too?」

Mashiro imitated my pose. How cute, geez.

But, I believe that triangle pose in the Sacred Beast form would be quite difficult, you know? Ah, look your balance has crumbled and you rolled backward.
Ahaha, I’m sorry to Mashiro but he was so cute I laughed out.

『… Lord, what are you doing together with Mashiro?』

Concerned with by laughing, Kurogane who was napping looked at us with his eyes half-open.

「Fufu, Mashiro tried to follow an excercise after me, but he fell」
『Cristea, laughing, that’s heartless~』

Mashiro stood up after rolling and looked at me with dissatisfaction.

「Sorry, sorry. You were too cute, so I just…」
『… If roll, I’m cute?』

Mashiro started rolling around.
Wha, Mashiro…! That’s so calculating! Ku! You are acting cute on purpose!? Mashiro, you-!

「Geez~! Cute! Mashiro you are so adorable!」

I lifted the fluffy ball that was rolling around my feet and started patting him. Ah~! My child is so cute!

『Ehehe, Cristea is cuter, you know?』

Kyu, he hugged me back.

「Fufu, thank you」

Ahh, Mashiro is the cure of our family!

Clap, something hit my back.


When I turned around, Kurogane was there.

『… Lord, what about me?』

Nuaah-! Jealousy!? Kurogane, you~!

But, it would be a bit different from cute in Kurogane’s case.

「Let’s see, I wouldn’t say Kurogane is cute, but rather cool, I think?」

I’m relying on him all the time now after all.

『Nu, I see. I’m cool?』
『Umu, I see. Umu, cool, huh』

Although showing crisp appearances, Kurogane couldn’t stop his tail that wagged from side to side in happiness.
Uoh, the tail’s wind pressure is incredible! I understand that you are in a good mood, but let’s control ourselves a bit, okay?

『Seriously, every single one of them so noisy since the morning』

Han! Kaguya snorted like a spoiled child.
What are you saying~ Kaguya-san?
You don’t understand that your tsun-style is what is adorable, do you?

Before Kaguya could notice, I picked her up in my arms and started patting her.
Ah~ geez! My children are so adorable!

『Ginyaa? You foolish girl! Release me!』
「Don’t wanna~!」

Mofu paradise right from the morning. Happiness.


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