Shomin no Aji – Chapter 204

What was that determination?


The breakfast is potatoes and bacon Spain-type omelet with salad.
We ate too much the last night, so I thought we would be satisfied with just a little… I did think that, but.

「I will have another slice」

Otousama… you really can eat… I understood the reason he eats so much, so I’m not that worried, but…

「Whether it’s a grace of Cristea’s meals, I have been recently overflowing with power. Ha ha ha」

… Otousama cheerfully laughed.
Well, you see? Depending on the person, the energy from what you eat will turn into magical power, so you will be feeling more magical power in your body if you eat more than before, but… that’s not wrong, is it?

Similarly, I also was a pale-faced, frail little girl before I regained the memories of my past life and ate lightly… I feel that’s the case… probably.
At first, I was able to control the magical power to some extent, but I started feeling lighthearted after not eating to full satisfaction.
For that reason, starting with Miria, all of the maids were desperately trying to make me eat snacks, I feel like…? It was something like a sugary and needlessly sweet and crunchy candy or… a dish made with plenty of butter… thinking about it now, all of it was full of calories, so was their easily obtainable energy the reason for that?
It seemed like my body was able to quickly convert the energy, so the magical power was under control because of the one-sided eating habits, but my figure…
What if those eating habits continued even after my magical power became stable…? I shuddered when I thought so.

And that’s the strange reason I have recalled my past life’s memories…

The moment I started eating delicious and balanced meals, my magical power increased even further… in addition to that, with the delusion power(?) of my past life’s memories, I was able to make many things and contract Sacred Beasts…

Thinking back, too many things happened after recovering my memories… haa.
All of that is mostly attributable to me, so I can only say that I’m paying for my mistakes.
I wonder if I can’t live a little more quietly…

「What’s wrong? Lord. Are you not feeling well? Are you tired from your morning excercies?」

Hearing me sigh, Kurogane asked worriedly.

「Cristea, you okay?」

Mashiro looked at me with uneasiness too. Whoops, not good. I must not let everybody worry!

「I’m fine. I was just wondering whether I didn’t overeat myself a little」

My plate is already empty. No matter whether it is fine even when I overeat, I must not be a gluttonous lady.
Noble young ladies are supposed to peck their meals like small birds. Typically.

Therefore, I won’t disgrace myself by having seconds! is what I decided upon so I got myself a slightly larger cut and my plate is already empty.
I’m scared of me who still wants to eat more. Why do I have to resemble Otousama here!? Why!?

「Lord is thin, so you must eat more to become healthy, you know?」
「That’s right, if Cristea not feeling well, we also won’t feel well, you know?」
「That’s right, you are still a pipsqueak, so you have to eat lots, right?」

All my children are so kind, they are really good children…!

「Yeah, that’s right. I have to eat lots to be well!」

Saying such, I helped myself to another serving of Quiche.
But you see, Kurogane? I definitely am not thin, you know…
It’s just a sorrowful straight body with no curves…
Ahh, what was that determination from before for… haa… the omelet is tasty…

… What will I do in the academy when I get hungry, I wonder… do I have to carry emergency money for snacks in my Inventory after all?
I made plans for the emergency snack money while eating Quiche.

I would probably be troubled about food when stranded… but, I would return with warp before getting stranded, so that worry is not necessary though.


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