Shomin no Aji – Chapter 205

The welcoming preparations are flawless!


A few days passed since then.

During that time, the Orc meat and Sharken I set aside were thoroughly desalinated and ready to start getting smoked.

I thought it would be difficult to cold smoke the Sharken unless it got a little colder, so I decided to warm smoke everything this time. It should taste delicious even if warm smoked.

And presently, with the interest emerging within the chefs, people who wanted to become specialists after getting captivated by the bacon started appearing, so I gave my consent to the chosen person in charge of the smoking business. Yeah, with this, the smoked food workers have been secured.

Although I say that, I couldn’t put up with people learning the recipe and immediately resigning to steal it.

Therefore, we took measures to prevent information leakage about the method of making smoked food with the Ellisfeed House’s contract magic, while I taught him the method personally.

A contract with magic, as its name suggests, is binding yourself to a contract’s content with magic. If you disregard the contract and spill the secret to a third-party, if your life won’t get extinguished, you will receive a painful penalty.

This time, the penalty was losing one’s sense of smell and taste, which is indispensable for chefs. Oou… how scary…

When I properly explained to the person himself who stiffened what losing one’s sense of smell and taste entails, he swore that he absolutely won’t teach it to outsiders.

I understand those feelings… I wouldn’t be able to bear not being able to taste or smell what I eat.

I recalled how I caught cold in my past life and how I couldn’t taste anything I ate.
When I recovered, everything I ate was seriously delicious…
I’m grateful for being healthy, that’s what I earnestly thought…

Whoops, I got sidetracked.

Anyhow, with the contract safely completed, the first smoked food worker was born in our house.
And, until the person himself becomes a craftsman himself, I will be regularly checking on him for a while.


The smoked food was then put to rest for overnight, so the flavors would blend. With that, the bacon and smoked Sharken were complete.

「Ufufu… so much bacon and smoked Sharkens…!」

A mountain of bacon and smoked Sharken was piled up before my eyes.
What a grand spectacle.

Galvano Ojisama and Tirie-san will visit our home tonight.
Galvano Ojisama’s recognition of services with smoked food… basically a pretext to sample the bacon… well, it’s a drinking bout, in short.
For the sake of my Dwarven Ojisama Galvano, I cooled down a large quantity of ale and Yahatul alcohol.
Otousama will pass on the dinner tonight and wait for the drinking bout.
… Just how much does he want to drink?

I also plan to finish a light dinner and wait to welcome the two.
Currently, I’m earnestly preparing the food.
Because it’s food sampling, everyone’s portion is smaller, but there’s a huge variety, so it’s kind of difficult to make.
Generally, they would ask for seconds of what they prefer, so I left that in Head Chef’s care.
Several people in charge are earnestly looking at my handiwork. Although there’s many, I don’t think that it’s a difficult menu, so it should be all right. Do your best, okay?

The drinking bout is during the day, so it would be fine if I made all of it, but… as expected, I wouldn’t be able to accompany them if they continued into the night… a child like me wouldn’t be able to stay awake.

I sampled the bacon and smoked Sharken while cooking… so I thought I could do without eating either for a while… but… oh well.

I stored the portion for Otousama and others in my Inventory in the piping hot state and handed over the rest to the people in the kitchen for sampling.
Everyone was smacking their lips while lamenting「Why is there no aleeee…! I want to drinkkkkk!」and such.
… It’s not like I don’t understand your feelings, but endure…

Now then, I must go to welcome Galvano Ojisama and Tirie-san!


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