Shomin no Aji – Chapter 206

The guests of the drinking bout have arrived.


Tirie-san and Galvano Ojisama have arrived at the mansion together.

「Thank you very much for inviting us tonight」
「I really didn’t intend to invite you or anything though」
「Dear, you… long time no see, Tirie-sama. I thought you have already forgotten about me」
「You jest! Your husband is a very jealous person, so he forbid me to come to this mansion where the beautiful you lives. The ban has been finally lifted on this occasion. I have been looking forward to seeing you first time in a while, you know?」
「Oh my, what a flatterer」
「I was fine with you forbidden from entering all this time though」

Tch, said Otousama with a sour face. Just how much…

「Geez, Dear… Tirie-sama was pitiful, you know?」
「Surprisingly, Okugata-sama is kindhearted as ever」
「Oh my… Hohoho」

Okaasama replied to Tirie-san’s crisp greeting while smiling hohoho.
The young maids are looking and letting out sighs at Tirie-san as if entranced by his handsomeness.
Everyone-! Don’t be deceived! His appearances are that of a refreshing hunk, but his insides are that of a big sister! You will only get hurt if you fall in love with him-!

… Okaasama seems to be aware of Tirie-sama’s real nature, doesn’t she?
Her smiling face is, how to say it, a ghastly aura…
「This bastard, I won’t let you lay your hands on my husband, got it~?」she’s letting such intimidation…
I see it… I can see it… scaryyy…!
Tirie-san who answers while smiling and pretending not to see is a worthy opponent… ugh… scary, geez.

While thinking such, I welcomed the two with a smile.

「Welcome. Please relax and enjoy yourselves tonight」
「Hey, Miss Cristea. I have looked forward to this day while counting down on my fingers」

Bachiin! Tirie-san greeted me with a wink.
Haha… how many hours until the dreams of the red-faced maids crumble… no, how many minutes…? I pretended to be calm while thinking such.

When I asked later, the young maids who were there during the welcoming were apparently dealt with by the older maids who knew of Otousama and Tirie-san’s relationship and the elderly maids… as expected of them.

「Yo, Jouchan. I will be in your care tonight. I plan on drinking till the morning, so I hope you have prepared the important alcohol?」
「My, Ojisama. Welcome. Fufu, please take it slow today, okay?」

Galvano Ojisama came with his usual demeanor.
He carried several bottles of hard, strong liquid as a present.
Is that perhaps something like vodka or spirytus from my past life…?
Umeshu is looking good for the next year, so I will have to ask for a suitable supplier.

「I heard that I will be able to eat something good today, so I came over」
「Right, right. I really looked forward to today」

… Tirie-san’s speech is so unnatural I can’t seem to calm down…

「My, saying something like that. Ojisama, you make sure your belly is not filled with more alcohol than food, okay?」
「Alcohol is no different from water to me. I heard we are putting ranks aside tonight? I’m worried the mansion’s alcohol will get depleted」

Ha ha ha, Ojisama burst into laughter.
… It’s frightening because he’s not joking about drinking it all.

I thought that the amount of alcohol in the mansion should be enough, but Otousama said it will all disappear after checking the stock, so dumbfounding amounts of alcohol were carried in one after another in the afternoon.

A large quantity of alcohol is already waiting to ambush Galvano Ojisama and others in the drinking bout room.
Of course, Otousama would get wasted right away if he followed Galvano Ojisama’s pace, so the preparations of the chaser are flawless too.

Okaasama returned to her room while I, Otousama and the rest went towards the alcohol standby room.

I don’t intend to accompany them at their drinking bout at all, but the smoked food will be unveiled tonight, so I plan to finish the explanation and quickly leave.

Now then, I guess tonight’s menu will match the taste of the three drinkers…


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